Why Customer Service Matters in the Moving Industry

Moving house

Moving is one of the most stressful experiences many people will go through at least once in their life, if not multiple times. As such, many people choose to outsource their moving-related tasks to businesses, making a significant investment to relieve their burden.

Whether you’re having a vehicle shipped across the country or boxes packed and loaded on a truck, one thing remains the same: customer service is key.

Here are some compelling reasons why customer service is so important in the moving industry.

Comfort About Personal Items

The secret to award-winning customer service isn’t much of a secret at all: it’s caring about your job. If someone is putting their vehicle on a truck and having it shipped unaccompanied to their new home, they want to know that the company handling the logistics and the person driving the truck care. When moving, there are plenty of items that are costly or hold sentimental value that clients expect to see on the other side.

By working with a moving company or shipper that shows that they care about what’s being moved and how much those items mean to a person, the client will feel more comfortable about letting someone else handle the move.

Experience Matters

Great customer service conveys experience and dedication, which is crucial in the moving industry. It’s experience that often sets the customer service offered by a more established business apart from newer movers or fly-by-night organizations that are more focused on financial gain than creating a sustainable business model.

With experience, companies in the moving industry are able to know what the client is looking for, identify common pain points, and quickly think of solutions for problems as they arise to keep the client as happy as possible.

Learning to Listen

Giving the client what they want as much as possible is essential for satisfaction with a moving company. To be able to do so, all employees of the organization have to be trained to listen well and comprehend the requests made by clients.

Learning to listen plays into multiple areas of customer service. In addition to comprehending what someone is asking for, strong listening skills help create emotional intelligence. This skill translates into compassion and empathy when conversing with customers stressed out about their big move.


Being able to convey professionalism is essential in the moving industry. Customers need to feel comfortable that the truck driver taking their family vehicle away is going to deliver it as promised. They need to know that the strangers coming into their homes and handling their belongings are going to do their best to protect the items from damage.

Professionalism is conveyed through both great customer service and appearance. Movers with a uniform are going to seem more trustworthy than those showing up in casual wear, and those that take the time to answer questions and explain the process will be viewed as competent and capable.


As previously mentioned, most everyone will experience the moving process at least once in their life. In the age of social media, customer service matters more than ever. Not only are customers more likely to share their woes, but it will also have further reach than pre-Facebook days.

Recommendations on social media are a great way to get added business. By offering great customer service, your business is more likely to be recommended the next time someone posts online to ask for moving companies in your area. Maintaining excellent customer service reviews is essential for longevity in this industry.

People find comfort in knowing that their goods will be handled with care and appreciate a company that goes above and beyond to earn their money. In the moving industry, training employees in customer service is a necessity.

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