Creating A Better Client Experience In Real Estate Transactions

Realtor showing a customer a property

Every business, especially one built on real estate, requires swift interactions with customers’ requests, interests, and needs.

The speed of interaction and the quality of service provided improve the overall perception of your business representative’s expertise with a potential client.

There are various ways to improve your opportunity with new customers and turn them into longtime clients.

The key is understanding that in servicing your customers, you’re enhancing their perception of your business and expertise, which will further your business much better than focusing on the transactional nature of the relationship.

In other words, people don’t like being sold something. Instead, they want a partner in the journey, and in essence, “permission” to make the purchasing decision they are considering.

The goal is to provide the customer with the best tools and experience available to your team.

Ways To Create A Better Customer Experience

Providing a better customer experience will convert your potential customer into a committed client. As a result, you may get repeat business opportunities directly or from potential leads they may refer.

Understand Their Needs: Understanding your customer base, their needs, and possible wants is the first thing you need to focus your attention on. Clearly outlining what you can offer and understanding the customer will help you drive the customer from potential client to lifelong advocate for your services.

Clear Vision: What do you offer your customer and clients that differentiates you from others and that you are able to summarize in a few sentences.

Create A Relationship: Sales is about helping clients find products and make a purchase decision. In real estate, creating relationships is crucial by understanding their needs and the market and helping the customer find the home that fits those needs.

Build trust by listening to what the customer is saying they want and what they don’t want, and be responsive to the changing tone and tenor of your discussions. The key is building trust with the customer, whether you’re a single agent or part of a team.

Training Representatives: For every team member you utilize, the chance for a mistake between your representative and a potential client increases. Providing proper training and training to assist your team members in representing your position and needs is crucial to improving the overall customer experience and the perception of your services.

For example, training your staff on the best practices for wholesaling real estate may include creating something like a PDF, slide share, or blog posts that educate your staff and then walking through a Wholesaling Cold Calling Script that they can use for potential clients.

Create A Sales Process: Educating your staff to represent your best interests isn’t nearly enough. You need to train them on the system that best motivates potential buyers to work with you, and that system is best defined as a sales process.

Think about a sales process as a road map to assist your team members and your potential clients. It’s a roadmap that helps everyone get from a starting point to the destination.

The steps of a sales process will include:

  • Prospecting: find a potential client
  • Preparation/Education: educate a client on the market and your offerings
  • Approaching: create a dialogue and relationship with the potential client
  • Presentation: actively present your expertise to assist the client
  • Handling Objections: address and answer concerns, lend guidance
  • Closing: moving the potential client to active client
  • Follow-Up/Nurturing: developing long-term relationships for future transactions and referrals

Utilize Tools Available: There are many tools at your business disposal, and in terms of wholesaling real estate, those tools can be accessed to pre-or-off-market properties, having comparative market analysis reports and smooth customer interfaces available.

By leveraging modern technologies, such as those at Northwest MLS, you can transform your potential client’s experience, and this is one way your business can improve customer relations and the overall customer experience.

Understand The Market: Ok, this one is a no-brainer. But understanding the local market, the potential trends in the next quarter, and projecting that data to help your clients understand their best opportunities is something that is a must to be successful for your client.

Understanding the market is a daily task. Checking sales transactions, closing prices, daily inventory trends, interest rates and taking that data to your client is the best way to educate and inform them of their potential options.

Being up-to-date and knowledgeable will provide a better customer experience for your clients and help garner future considerations for further business and referrals.

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