Moving Offices? Here’s How to Relocate Your Customer Service Department!

Customer service team moving office

Relocating offices is always stressful. With all the expensive tech that you have to move between offices and aligning working shifts for employees — there’s a lot to think about.

But with that said, thousands of companies throughout the country move their office space every single day. Whether they’re expanding, or just they’ve found a better location, some people have become experts in helping companies pack up, move, and then unpack in their new office in under a day!

And the secret is? Plan everything carefully, and make sure you have some wiggle room if things go wrong. That way the employee stress level is kept at a minimum, and your business is operating as usual.

In the end, if you do everything right, your customer service will be operating smoothly, everyone will feel great about the change of scenery, and you’ll be working in your company’s new office in no time.

Hire a professional who has experience with relocating companies and knows how to handle this type of task.

One of the most important things is to task the office move to someone who has experience in the field. It may be a project manager working in your company who’s done this before, or maybe you hire an external company that specializes in relocation.

The point is, you’re far better off letting someone who knows how to plan, pack and quickly relocate a large number of office desks, chairs and computer monitors on the same day. It’s highly likely that they also know great same day freight companies that they’ve worked with before and can ensure that you minimize any damage to your property.

Make sure you have enough people working at your customer service department.

The customer service department is one of the most vital parts of every company. And it’s a bit tricky because just like your sales teams, they may even be working on weekends.

That’s why it’s best to move it a little by little. Of course, it’s best if you can let them from home and just have everything set up in no time, but that’s not always the case.

Work with the customer service manager to adjust the schedule of each employee, and try to have the least amount of people working on the day (or days) of the move. That way employees can pack and move quickly, because there will be fewer people, and more inventory will be shipped to your new office.

Make a step by step plan and follow it religiously to ensure there aren’t any problems during the move.

The most important plan is to have a step by step plan. You have to ensure that everything is accounted for and packed correctly. Office moves are often expensive and any damage to your property because of improper packaging just adds to that cost.

Allocate a person to keep track of everything and if the list is being followed. If you decide to hire a company to help you relocate your customer service department, they should provide you with enough manpower from managing to packing, driving, and unloading your office equipment.

Try to do it when the least amount of people are in the office.

And finally, you should try and move offices when the least amount of people are working. That way workers can quickly package and go without too much fuss.

Again, if you can, let everyone work from home. If that’s not possible, try and do it over the weekend.

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