Best Business Ideas for Your Project in 2024

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The time is flying too fast and if you are planning to launch your own project in 2024, it’s already a good moment to start considering different ideas. For those who are viewing the development of a software solution as a viable option, we recommend thinking about the possibility of building a mobile app as a core product.

The popularity of mobile applications, as well as a smartphone penetration rate, within different social groups is continuing to rise which can be an excellent sign for businesses. Despite the fact that the number of mobile apps that are available today is already rather high, cool ideas and innovative solutions are still positively welcomed. Moreover, according to recent data, an app can become a stable source of money for your company. In 2023, the average user spend on mobile applications per smartphone is around $5.

What are the most promising ideas in 2024?

Language learning app

The learning sector has greatly transformed in recent years. Though traditional textbooks still exist, a lot of people (especially, young adults) prefer to use alternative sources and tools for gaining new knowledge and skills. That’s why you can create a language app for a wide audience that will allow users to continue learning the chosen language regardless of their location and time of the day.

The majority of available language learning apps offer hundreds of flashcards for memorizing words and tons of texts with translation. Though such materials can be helpful, modern technologies let developers build much more efficient solutions with various formats of content and ways of presenting materials.

By relying on AI and ML, you can deliver absolutely unique and highly personalized experiences that help users learn languages at their own pace and in their own style. Moreover, we highly recommend you add various gamification features like leadership boards, bonuses, secret lessons, etc. Such things can become a great motivation for people regardless of their age.

Fitness or wellness app

Today we can observe a very positive trend. People start to pay more attention to their health and all the related factors, including their physical activities and meals. It means that a mobile application that will help them better take care of themselves, organize their day, and plan their menu has a high chance of succeeding.

Of course, it won’t be very sensible to enrich your solution with as many tools and features that can only come to your mind. For example, you can launch an application for dieting and creating menus based on the number of calories and nutrients. Or you can build an app for online training with personal coaches or in groups.

Before making up your mind and choosing the idea for an app of this type, you should carefully analyze the market in order to detect the demand and understand what apps users expect to get. For creating a high-quality product of this type, we highly recommend you have doctors, fitness experts, or nutritionists among your consultants.

IoT-powered app for pet owners

These days pets are treated as family members. Their owners are not against investing money in their well-being and are ready to do practically everything to make sure that they are happy and healthy. But there is one obstacle. Pets can’t speak and can’t express their feelings in a human-like manner. They can’t call if something happens and can’t have a look at Google Maps if they are lost. That’s why people look for supportive tools that can help them better interact with their cats and dogs and ensure higher safety for them.

Smart feeders and collars that can be controlled via mobile apps are gaining popularity among pet owners all over the world. For example, thanks to a smart feeder, users can be confident that their pets will have food just in time while a smart collar will gather important data about the real-time location, physical activity, and health state of cats and dogs.

You can enrich such apps with valuable educational materials that will help people learn more about their furry friends as well as social features like chats and forums where users can exchange their ideas with other pet owners.


The market of mobile apps is actively growing which is why 2024 can become just a perfect time period to rock it with a new cutting-edge solution. If you decide to enter the market with a mobile software product, we highly recommend you pay attention not only to the modern trends that you will follow in development but also to the quality and reliability of your app itself.

In the era of tough market competition, it will be vital to deliver an app that will demonstrate excellent performance and stability of functioning. Moreover, do not forget that your application should be compliant with regulations that are in force in the chosen jurisdiction. Please also bear in mind data privacy laws and rules that regulate financial transactions if your application has such functionality.

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