12 Expert Ways to Generate Leads on LinkedIn


Did you know that LinkedIn is the top social media when it comes to generating leads? Therefore, your presence on LinkedIn is just as important as other social media, if not more. Particularly if you run a B2B company, LinkedIn will prove to be one of the most significant lead generation sources. It allows you to connect with CEOs, business leaders, managers, and other important professionals.

In some ways, LinkedIn is similar to other popular social media platforms. However, the same strategies that have worked on Twitter or Instagram will not always prove to be successful on LinkedIn.

Are you looking for ways to boost your lead generation on LinkedIn? Take a look at our expert tips to fully utilize the potential of LinkedIn to find new prospects.

1. Work on Your LinkedIn Profile

If you’re new to LinkedIn, you should start by creating a quality profile. Before doing business with you, most prospects will check out your LinkedIn page. Rather than just treating it like a digital resume, put in the effort to create a compelling profile. Use a decent headshot, share your expertise, and include your credentials. Similarly, you should also create a separate page for your brand.

2. Create Engaging Content

The content you create and share plays a key role in gaining credibility for your brand. Rather than using content to promote your products or services, create engaging and relevant content that attracts your target audience. Refrain from sharing personal photographs or any irrelevant content which may seem unprofessional.

3. Offer Value

Use your content as a way to offer value to readers. Create content that catches the interest of your audiences. Your content should provide information or solve certain problems that your target audiences may be facing. The reader should feel like they have learned something new after reading your content.

4. Interact More

Since LinkedIn is a social platform, you should increase your interactions to find new connections. Comment on posts, send congratulatory messages and endorse other professionals to lay the foundation for a positive relationship. Make sure you send genuine and well-throughout messages instead of using default text.

5. Upgrade to Premium Tools

Like any other platform, you can access advanced marketing tools by upgrading to LinkedIn Premium. If you’re serious about increasing your leads, paying extra for premium is absolutely worth it. Particularly, LinkedIn Premium offers a tool called Sales Navigator. You can use this feature to discover and connect with new prospects.

6. Invest in Paid Campaigns

It is still so much you can do with the free version of LinkedIn. All the hard work you’re putting into creating valuable content won’t generate leads if no one is seeing this content. With paid ads on LinkedIn, you can make sure your content is appearing in the feeds of your relevant audiences.

7. Respond to Engagement

You should consider sending a message to everyone who has left a comment or liked your content. Since they have taken the first step by showing interest in your content, you can reciprocate by sending a simple message thanking them and a connection request. If you’re receiving a lot of engagement, use tools like Expandi to save time.

8. Be Consistent

Avoid being sporadic with your LinkedIn activity. Come up with a schedule and stick to it. It’s important to consistently update your followers and connections.  Find the most suitable time and days to post to make sure your content is viewed.

9. Don’t Forget SEO

When you’re creating content for LinkedIn, make sure you include the most relevant keywords in the headline as well as the rest of the content. However, avoid keyword-stuffing that can compromise your authority.

10. Carefully Plan InMail Messaging

LinkedIn’s InMail allows you to send a message to people who aren’t already a part of your network. Make sure you focus your message around the needs and interests of the recipient. Rather than peddling your product, convey how it can be valuable for the recipient. Keep it friendly and concise.

11. Find the Right Audience

LinkedIn allows you to target your audience based on several factors including geographical location, industry, language, and so on. Use this feature to filter your audience. Finding the right target audience will help you generate more leads and achieve a higher conversion rate.

12. Develop a Strategy

Instead of just shooting in the dark, create a Linkedin lead generation strategy. Define your goals and track your efforts to find what’s working and what needs to be changed. A well-planned strategy is crucial to successfully boost your lead generation.

The Bottom Line

LinkedIn is a powerful marketing tool that can take your business to new heights. However, like most good things, it takes time and effort to make the most out of this platform. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, LinkedIn can generate you more leads. Hopefully, the aforementioned tips will help you implement an effective LinkedIn lead generation strategy.

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