Best AI Writing Tools to Write Better Customer Service Emails

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Writing high-quality customer service emails takes good skills, but even if you have never written such emails before, you could still do a good job. All you need is the right set of tools to help you during the process. Without further ado, here are the best AI writing tools to write better customer service emails.

#1 Grammarly

You’ve probably heard about Grammarly. It is the most popular grammar checker at the moment because of several reasons:

  • It is free, but you can get additional features like plagiarism checking with the paid premium version.
  • It is quite accurate, so you will mostly find and correct real linguistic issues and mistakes in your text.
  • It is advanced, so you can enter specific requirements for checking your text (e.g. formality, English type, etc.)

You can use Grammarly during the proofreading and editing stage to make sure that your emails don’t have any mistakes. However, you should be careful with the suggestions the tool gives you – sometimes it sees mistakes where there are none.

#2 Hemingway Editor

Another proofreading tool you should try at least once is Hemingway Editor. Like Grammarly, it is free to use. This tool will scan your text and detect specific elements in it that you will have to change or remove to improve the flow and readability of your text.

For instance, you will need to remove adverbs and change passive voice to active. Likewise, you will need to break up and simplify lengthy and hard-to-read sentences as well as find simpler alternatives to certain words and phrases. Doing all of this will help you make your text more easily comprehensible to a larger audience.

#3 Jasper

Also known as and previously known as Jarvis, Jasper is a paid tool with a free trial that you can try. Jasper is an AI-powered text generation tool that works with all kinds of content formats from emails to social media posts to blog posts.

All you need to do is provide Jasper with the right information to generate the text for you. If you write your prompt correctly, the tool will generate a detailed text for your email based on what you want. You can generate both the texts for your emails and the subject lines for them. Besides, you can also use Jasper to generate other types of content.

#4 Flowrite

If you are looking for a tool specifically for email text generation, then Flowrite is a great choice. This AI-powered tool asks you to choose a template (e.g. follow-up email) and provide it with instructions. Flowrite will then generate a text that will fit your requirements and have appropriate delivery, tone, formatting, etc.

You might also want to work with human writers when designing your email campaigns. In this case, you can hire an experienced writer from the writing service Trust My Paper. They will help you write better customer service emails and even plan out how to execute your email marketing campaigns.

#5 Rytr

Rytr is another AI writing tool you might want to try for generating texts for your emails. The tool is designed with users in mind, so you will quickly figure out how to use it even if you are trying it for the first time in your life. Follow the steps:

  1. Choose the language in which you want to generate your text. You can pick from over 10 different languages which is useful for brands that have international customers.
  2. Select the tone of your text depending on your content type. For example, you can choose a casual tone.
  3. Pick the format of your content (i.e. customer service email).
  4. Provide details such as keywords, phrases to use, titles, and so on.

#6 Lyne

Lyne is a unique platform specifically designed for emails. However, you won’t be generating entirely texts for your emails but rather just the opening lines. You can generate hundreds of opening lines just based on the LinkedIn profile of your recipient (though you can also use their email address only).

You can ask the tool to generate a short opening line (1-2 sentences) or a long one (3-4 sentences). It’s an amazing tool that is particularly useful for lead generation and nurturing. You can provide truly personalized customer service to your clients via email using Lyne.

#7 Write My Essays

The AI essay writer Write My Essays is an all-in-one tool with different features that will be useful for text generation, including:

  • Title Generator – Create unique and interesting titles, headlines, and subheadings. You can also use this feature for generating subject lines.
  • Paraphrasing Tool – Rewrite, rephrase, and paraphrase sentences, paragraphs, or entire texts quickly and easily.
  • Conclusion Generator – Generate conclusions and summaries from long texts.
  • Plagiarism Checker – Check texts for originality and quickly detect plagiarism.

There are other features included such as the Citation Generator and the Essay Generator that you can use for academic writing in case that’s something you are interested in!

#8 ClosersCopy

Last but not least, ClosersCopy is a great tool for anyone who writes emails, sales letters, offers, and other types of texts. At its core, it is an editor with numerous templates and features that will assist you during the writing process.

You can select the language you prefer (out of over 120 languages), choose between different templates (such as email scripts, sales letters, ads, etc.), and start working in the editor immediately. You will be getting different tips and suggestions on how to improve your text while writing it, so ClosersCopy will become somewhat of a writing assistant to you.

Wrapping Up

All in all, the best AI writing tools you will come across might be free or paid, beginner-friendly or advanced, but they will all be useful in one way or another. You just need to find the ones that will satisfy your personal needs the best. Use this list as a starting point to find and try different AI writing tools that will help you make your customer service emails better.

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