Honing In On the Benefits of a Dedicated Team Model for Startups

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When looking at the issues faced by businesses in recent years, entrepreneurs are a bit shaken when it comes to SMEs and startups.

This is because they are aware that without a proper business plan in place, things can go south pretty quickly. When companies lack proper time management strategies, and expertise, and are on a low budget, mishaps are always eminent.

However, when it comes to startups and SMEs, technological goals are essential for a productive business. For this reason, many people have opted to hire dedicated teams to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Identifying talent to fill the gap when it comes to a company’s tech needs can be a difficult task. Aside from that, affordability to keep that talent on shouldn’t exceed the company’s budget or interfere with other spending areas.

Seeing that the IT outsourcing market is heading for the US400.00bn mark, the process of hiring dedicated software teams will afford businesses long-term benefits which are essential for them to thrive. Learn about the benefits of working with dedicated software teams in the information below. Turnkey offers startups this opportunity with many companies in the IT industry already reaping the benefits.

What is a Dedicated Team Model for Startups?

Dedicated software development teams are put in place to meet your tech needs. They are arranged by companies like Turnkey for your benefit as they are meant to keep you on par with development strategies implemented in your business. This is a long-term agreement between the business owner and team member, ensuring that all your tech needs are met.

Startups have full control when it comes to engaging with team members, tracking the progress of developments, and monitoring operations daily. However, the difference with having these teams is that they work remotely on a permanent basis. Although they are your employees, you wouldn’t have to worry about the hassle of internal staffing and administrating issues which is a plus.

The Benefits of Hiring Dedicated Software Teams

There are several benefits that SMEs and startups can take advantage of when hiring dedicated software teams. Listed below are some of the most notable benefits that companies are afforded when using them.


1. Your business is a priority

Imagine having the expertise of a smart dedicated software team who emphasizes planning and engages your business vision with a focus on positive results? That alone is a great benefit as your business will be prioritized, ensuring that your demands are met timeously. For this reason, these efficient teams are the best solution when it comes to solving software problems for startups and SME’’s.

2. Accelerating your startup goals

Working remotely has proved more feasible for startups and SMEs that the in-house working environment. It saves money on office rentals, administrative costs, training seminars, and much more. This will prove beneficial in accelerating your startup goals as hiring a dedicated team who will cost you a fraction of what you would have initially spent.

3. Having a vast array of talent to choose from

The best solution for any start-up is to have access to a vast array of skills and talent worldwide. This is much more convenient for companies as they can work remotely with the team even if all the members are placed in different parts of the world. In other words, you are not limited to choosing talent from the vicinity of where your office space sits.

If you had a look at the benefits above, you would understand why enabling yourself to network on a larger scale will require a dedicated development team model.

Dedicated Software Teams Equals Scalability and Flexibility

The demands for scalability and flexibility are evident in any business. When using these teams, you have full control of adding or subtracting employees as you need them. You can do this by using a software model and also adding other resources as needed. Click on this link to get an insight into the stats for the IT Industry Outlook for 2022.

Increased Productivity

In today’s software market, efficient productivity is key for startups to thrive. Dedicated teams are essential for increased productivity as their focus is committed to allocated projects. Team members may also have ample experience with projects because of previous collaborations. This allows for smooth team processes and efficient communication amongst them.

The Cons of Hiring Dedicated Teams for IT Startups

Just as in all other business strategies, there are also pros and cons when using dedicated teams. Seeing that no team model or strategy is perfect, let’s have a look at the possible cons.


  • Cultural differences amongst team members
  • Language barriers amongst team members
  • Exposure of company security and confidentiality with remote workers
  • Communication issues amongst team members
  • Time zone differences amongst remote workers


It is essential for start-ups and SMEs to know about the benefits of employing talent remotely. Although there can be possible setbacks as mentioned above, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Aside from that, the vast array of talent that companies can choose from throughout the world is limitless.

Software developers are a great puzzle of efficient talents who fit together flawlessly. Having the right ones on your team will afford you enhanced performance and production in your business.

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