How Good is Amazon’s Customer Service? (Full Review)

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Over the years, Amazon has become an exceedingly popular online store that caters to the needs of thousands of people all across the globe. It implies that a few issues may arise here and there. It, in turn, can lead to dissatisfied or confused people calling or mailing the customer service center, seeking an answer or solution to their problems.

Like all other online-based companies, Amazon ensures a specific level of success and client satisfaction through its customer service. In this article, let us discuss various details associated with it.

What Do We Know About Amazon’s Existing Customer Service?

Numerous reviews and assessments associated with Amazon’s customer service remain on the internet. The cumulative summary from all these evaluations and appraisals reveals that the degree or standard of the help the company provides to its clients is exceptionally high.

The team at Amazon has gotten awarded for the exemplary customer they provide. The American Customer Satisfaction Index revealed in a survey that more than 80,000 consumers had a satisfying experience with Amazon as of 2019. It has allowed the company to consistently remain at the top of an individual’s list for the choice of an online shop or store.

What Aspect of Amazon’s Service Ensures Customer Satisfaction?

Amazon operates on a system and method that puts the customer before everything else. In other words, the company aims to fulfill all needs and preferences of its clients to prevent them from feeling dissatisfied. Typically, they utilize a few approaches to do so, including the following:

  • Customer-Centric Functioning

As stated before, each role and work executed at Amazon revolves around their customers. It implies that the company strives to understand each need and requirement of their client and adopt methods to deliver them. They implement valuable and beneficial business models that help them achieve their goals. Furthermore, it allows them to please and satisfy their customers in all possible ways.

  • User-Friendly Functioning

Word passed by mouth spreads rapidly and with conviction. It stands true even if the delivered information may not be the truth. Thus, it becomes exceedingly detrimental for any company if even a single negative review about the organization reaches other people through word of mouth. It would convince all the associated individuals not to deal with the company, even through a third party. In other words, it would lead to a loss of a significant number of customers.

Amazon understands the essentiality and relevance of these numbers. That is why they implement various strategies that have the ability and capability to satisfy these connected and influential customers. Thus, the company uses user-friendly approaches and invests in multiple aspects that make it possible.

One of these elements includes reliable and fast delivery irrespective of the customer’s location. On top of that, Amazon ensures a personalized shopping experience and provides each product at a cheap rate. Nevertheless, the items are generally of high quality. In case a client cannot access any of the services or has problems while doing so, the helpline always remains open to aid them.

  • Support Helpline

The aspect that makes Amazon’s customer service one of the best lies with its support helpline that remains open 24/7. It allows the customers to constantly ask for and receive help from the company’s employees whenever they face any issues. It can remain related to product shipment, refund, item return, or a general query. Amazon ensures that they make the customers feel heard and understood. Additionally, they ensure the clients by providing them a guarantee that their request or grievance has been registered and will begin processing soon.

On the other hand, the support helpline enables Amazon to receive all possible complaints and feedback regarding their company and its system. It, in turn, allows them to devise appropriate strategies and implement the necessary changes.

If you want to know in which situations you should contact Amazon support, read more on

  • Feedback Surveys

Another way Amazon collects customers’ feedback besides the telephone is a customer satisfaction form or survey. They include various questions about things they want to learn from the client’s point of view. It facilitates them to notice elements they may have skipped or missed.

Furthermore, the information that comes in through the survey forms allows Amazon to understand particular things. They include the expectations and desires of the customer. Accordingly, they can upgrade their existing approaches and policies.

  • Return Policy

Amazon offers a highly effective and efficient return policy. All customers can avail of it provided they follow the set conditions and criteria. For instance, a product needs to get returned in a flawless state. It needs to get done within 30 days from the day or date of delivery.

On confirmed return, Amazon refunds the amount paid for the product. This entire process operates smoothly and with minimal interferences or hassles. It has allowed customer satisfaction to skyrocket.

How Good is Amazon’s Customer Service?

Statistically speaking, Amazon’s customer service at all levels and approaches is of the highest level. The company ensures client satisfaction whenever and wherever possible without missing a single step.

An individual can attribute the high standard of Amazon’s customer service to its “Customer Service Tenets.” They specify how each employee should work. Additionally, they mention the aspects on which they should focus.

The six “Customer Service Tenets” that make high-quality customer service possible entail the following:

  • “Relentlessly advocate for customers.”
  • “Trust our customers and rely on associates to use good judgment.”
  • “Anticipate customer needs and treat their time and attention as sacred.”
  • “Deliver personalized, peculiar experiences that customers love.”
  • “Make it simple to detect and systematically escalate problems.”
  • “Eliminate customer effort through this sequential and systematic approach: defect elimination, self-service, automation, and support from an expert associate.”

The proof of Amazon’s superior customer service remains in the form of reviews on the company’s website or other appraisal sites such as Google. They provide customer testimonials of their experience with Amazon and the various things that have made them feel satisfied or contented.

  • Steven Gauss June 16, 2023, 6:07 am

    What have you been drinking? They’re all offshore. They lie without a qualm and can’t even keep their lies consistent

  • Patrick Champagne November 18, 2023, 1:21 am

    Amazon used to care about their customer but in about 3 weeks I’ve been wronged by the seller and Amazon did nothing, not only that, I was asked to prove that the package I send was not damaged but they take the word of the seller without asking proof but again I have to prove it. I know my package was not damaged when I send it but again, I’m the one who’s lying.
    Also, when I called Amazon customer service, not only they didn’t resolve the problem but told me that the specialized people will call me or emailed me within 2 days but never did. I had to call 3 times to get an answer why I didn’t get full refund on 2 items so far that was free return and not damaged, and when I was persistent I was hang up on the 2 times. Wow so much for helping client.
    I know I’m writing this but it’s going to fall between 2 chairs but I’ll make sure that a lot of people know about this tactic from sellers and that Amazon won’t have your back.
    I also stopped all my monthly items.

  • steve wagner December 8, 2023, 10:33 pm

    I cannot believe what has happened to amazon, especially customer service and complaints procedure. I am having to sue a 3rd party seller to get my £700 back, as for the so called A to Z guarantee? Not worth the paper its written on….my advice? If its not from amazon direct forget it.

  • Daniel January 1, 2024, 10:39 am

    There is nothing good with their customer service. In fact, they have the worst customer service now. Go to reddit and read the feedback from people that have shopped from amazon. In 2023, I had 5 major issues with them myself. I serached the internet to see if it’s just me, well, guess what, so many people that were writing about the same issues.
    Their reps are literally acting like robots. They are trained to brush people off rather than helping them. I was their prime member for so many years. I canceled the membership and never buying from them anymore.

  • brad m oman January 22, 2024, 5:17 pm

    Amazon overcharges for prime then can not deliver the packages when promised. Cannot contact customer when they know they are broken, they just do not care.

  • Michael Thompson January 27, 2024, 11:20 pm

    I need to talk to a person about a delivery complaint.

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