A Guide to Commercial Lawn Maintenance

Professional lawn mower

Many properties need regular commercial landscaping maintenance. Finding a suitable territory care company requires a lot of research, especially if you want to select the company with the best quality service. Here are some tips that will help you choose the best commercial lawn care provider.

Development of a commercial landscape design service plan

Before you start working on your commercial lawn care project, it is advisable to contact an experienced designer who will advise you about all the nuances that may arise during the work phase.

You will be able to discuss your wishes on the style and layout of the future territory. He or she will determine the transit direction of the garden and the principal layout elements. They will take into account the architecture of buildings and the surrounding space. They will also find the best places for planting trees and plants according to their growth patterns, They will measure the wind direction and the composition of the soil. In addition, they will pick up visual accents and take detailed photos.

Next the designer will draw up a technical plan for the design, before which you will discuss preferences in the style of the garden, plants and trees, functional zoning, the purpose of the garden and other important things. This will help the specialist know exactly what you want to achieve. The plan will also include instructions about the correct times to mow the grass, spray it for weeds and use top dressing. It is important to kill weeds in lawn with an herbicide, as they can out-compete grass for nutrients and water. Additionally, the designer will include instructions in the technical plan on how to fertilize the soil, and when and which fertilizer to choose.

Creating a lawn watering system

Every lawn requires extensive water care. It will not be enough to sow grass and wait for it to grow perfectly densely. The lawn needs to be watered abundantly and regularly, otherwise the soil will dry up. The deeper the soil is, the more water it needs. Conversely, if there is an overabundance of moisture, this will affect the entire lawn. Watering the lawn should be done on a regular basis. But, when it comes to a new lawn, you should be extra careful with the first few applications. Then, you can cut back on the amount of watering in subsequent years. The most important thing to remember when watering the grass is to keep it moist, and to avoid over-watering it.

The best time to water your lawn is in the early morning. Adding water to your lawn too late in the day will promote diseases and damage the lawn. Fortunately, lawns are quite resilient and will survive weeks without watering. In extreme weather conditions, a well-established yard can go brown and dormant, but it will recover when the rainy season returns.

High-quality automatic lawn watering makes life much easier and saves time, and besides, it is easy to configure and does not miss watering periods. The right kind of lawn watering systems can make sure that your lawn stays healthy and intact.

Using the Right Lawn Tools

A beautiful lawn that will bring a feeling of greenery and relaxation is the most desirable element of the territory, and using the right tools can create this environment.

The main tool for mowing lawns of different sizes are electric, gasoline and mechanical lawn mowers. A typical lawn mower is made up of parts like an engine, spinning blades and wheels. The blades spin around to cut the grass and collect it into a catcher bag which you empty later. Gasoline lawn mowers are the most powerful for large areas. When choosing the right lawn mower for your lawn, you should make a choice in favor of one that is able to work on all types of terrain.

For small areas and edges of large lawns, it is better to use a trimmer. A lawn trimmer is a device that is designed to keep lawns in good condition, especially those lawns that are subjected to a great deal of foot traffic. Where there are a lot of people passing by and stopping, the grass needs special care. There is a lot of walking in the area and this can damage it or take away from the look of the greenery. However, a lawn trimmer will be able to trim the grass down low enough so that it doesn’t need to be cut so often. It will keep your lawn looking healthy and green. The best choice for this kind of work is the petrol powered lawn trimmer. This tool will be perfect for your requirements because it is easy to use and can be maneuvered without problem. It will remove tall grass without any problem because it has an adjustable cutting height. The blades are made from very good material that won’t break or damage easily.

Another important tool for lawn care is a fan rake, which is used for cleaning leaves and for combing it. Using this tool, you can lift the crushed grass and ventilate the lawn, which will stop the lawn rotting. If the territory is much larger, then a garden vacuum cleaner will be suitable instead of a rake, which also helps to blow away various garbage. Professional lawn dethatching services will help your lawn stay in great shape.

Lawn aeration and fertilizers

Professional lawn care also needs aeration. This is done in order to facilitate the flow of air, water and fertilizing into the soil, and helps to better drain the soil and stimulate grass growth. The easiest way to carry out aeration of the lawn is with the help of conventional garden forks. To do this, it will be enough to pierce the turf to a shallow depth. You should use lawn aeration services in the spring and the more punctures are made, the better it will be. The lawn will recover after winter and grow faster and thicker.

Irrigation and use of sprinklers

Irrigation is one of the most important parts in the successful appearance of lawns and lawns. It improves the supply of plant roots with moisture and nutrients, reduces the temperature of the surface layer of air and increases its humidity. The latest systems provide optimal control over the duration and amount of watering, which will allow the lawn to remain healthy.

A beautiful lawn is an achievement that you can be proud of. After reading and taking note of these points you will be able to choose a suitable commercial lawn care company that will be able to provide high-quality management of your territory.

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