Different Symbols to Know for Online Gaming Customers

Gaming symbols

This article is dedicated to explaining gaming symbols to both new players and customer support agents working in the industry.

If you’ve ever wondered why certain symbols appear in card games and slot machines, this will explain all of your concerns. If you visit internet casino websites where you can try no deposit free spins in Australia, you’ve probably seen them all. But did you grasp what they meant? If not, don’t panic; we’re about to describe betting symbols to you. If you’ve come here searching for an explanation of gambling symbols, this page is for you.


Mythology about a little flower that attracts incredible luck to your side began years ago in Ireland. A four-leaf clover is now a common emblem of good fortune in many cultures. Due to their rarity (clovers typically have three leaves), four-leaf clovers are said to bring good fortune and happiness to people who find them. This symbolism has spread to the gaming business, and many slot machines include this flower. Clover activities with an Irish motif are common, as are other symbols such as leprechauns and horseshoes. They are also one of the most auspicious betting symbols with Irish origins. As a result, if you strike a Lucky Clover, you may be certain of winning.


The acorn is among the most significant gambling symbols. This symbol can be found in slot machines and classic and contemporary card games. But what’s the big deal about acorns? Acorns, on the other hand, are bridging numerous civilisations and religions. Because they all have a common characteristic: an acorn is a sign of good fortune, power, safety, and wealth. This most likely evolved from berry hunting at the dawn of humanity. However, Norse Mythology was the first religion to use Acorn. Because it propelled Thor, and Ratatoskr was bearing acorns while exchanging messages. According to GemmaJ, it is a sign of authority, safety, and wealth. And this is what we all want to attain when we gamble.

Number 7

If you want gambling icons clarified, you should know all about the Number 7. This digit appears in virtually all types of gaming, but why? This has been explained in numerous of our articles. And you may simply learn more about the Number 7 in Wagering. To recap, if we exclude magical thinking, we believe that the number 7 is a likelihood that is off-balance in series for some statistical reason. As a result, on a 10-point scale, the number 7 has a larger possibility of being a result than any other number. The number 7 has been utilised by humans to describe the philosophy, religion, governance, and all disciplines. We have seven deadly sins, seven days in the cycle, and so on. As a result, the 7 sequence is one of the greatest explanations for the number’s fortunate power.


Dragons are an important part of Asian tradition and wagering games. They usually represent strength and enormous power and deliver positive fortune to those who deserve it. Casinos have a plethora of slot machines and other activities that include dragons. These amazing animals of diverse shapes, sizes, and colours serve as the highest icons in slot machines; gather them to win. Gambling sites include a huge selection of dragon-themed slots that are worth playing since they are attractively crafted and may bring you luck through each spin.


We’ve come to explain the gaming symbols. As a result, the fruit sign is among the most typical things you observe when gaming. But why is this the case? Many may believe it stems from the notion that fruits are delicious as a reward. Or maybe it is because people are naturally drawn to berries. There was a point in history when paid slot machines were prohibited. As a result, casinos explored substituting fruits for money. When slot machines were brought into the market, fruit icons were utilised to represent the transitory fruit solution. That’s why we link fruits with good fortune.

Additional Wagering Symbols That a Newbie Should Be Familiarized With

These include:

  • Bells
  • Horseshoe
  • Jin Chan + Pu Tai
  • Heart


Bells are among the strongest symbols that come across when gaming. When we desire gambling symbols explained, it is one of the most perplexing things. As a result, to assist you in comprehending the significance of the bells. It is not religious and has nothing to do with church bells. It derives from the Liberty Bells, the original slot machine designed by Charles Fey. This sign first gained popularity among gamblers in 1907, when everyone decided to experience this new technology, which was not yet computerised but employed mechanised metal pipes to spin reels.


The horseshoe is a well-known emblem of good fortune, particularly in Western culture. It is among the most fundamental symbols to mention while discussing wagering symbols. Because of the Christian story concerning St Dunstan, the horseshoe denotes luck. This is why this emblem is frequently seen in nations where Christianity was formerly the main religion. He put horseshoes on the devil, based on the Catholic Herald. This is why it is one of our culture’s most important symbols of good fortune.

Jin Chan + Pu Tai

If you attend retail or internet casinos, you’ve undoubtedly seen Buddha before. This is another of the explanations why gambling symbols must be explained. When you see a golden, big guy three-legged, it is a portrayal of a Zen Buddhist monk in China. According to western beliefs, rubbing the statue’s bald head would bring you fortune and riches. However, Buddhists do not see gambling or riches in this way. We definitely recommend you to learn more about Buddhism’s stance on betting.

Hearts Bring Luck in Cards and Slots

In most card games, the four card suits – hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs – have equal value. However, trumps must be chosen occasionally and from one game to another. Spades are the dominant suit in most games (for example, bridge), yet they haven’t been among the fortunate cards or wagering symbols in general. Hearts are seldom dominant cards in most games, but they are among the luckiest symbols. What made them so popular? Because of their form and colour, gamblers believe that hearts bring luck. A heart form with a bright red colour is a good pairing, but spades are the inverse. Because hearts are connected with love, prosperity, and happiness, they are present. When playing poker, try to concentrate on this suit in order to win a hand. Don’t ignore that hearts are frequently utilised as reel symbols in slots which may also bring you cash.

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