A Forthcoming Office Move: How to Prepare Employees

Employees packing boxes before moving office

Anticipation of an office move brings mixed emotions: you are probably moving your company’s headquarters to a new facility due to expansion of business and feel proud of the company’s growth. On the flip side, you realize the scale of the expected workload, including informing clients, hiring office movers, filtering out clutter, packing all the stuff, moving, arranging furniture, unpacking, setting back to normal workflow, and getting stressed.

To avoid turmoil and confusion among the staff, you’d better inform and prepare people working in your company in advance. You may use the checklist below, add and revise some business-specific items to ensure a trouble-free office move.

Announce the Move in Advance

Office relocation represents a significant change not only for the management but for employees and partners as well. Business success depends largely on trust and integrity between the administration and people working in the company. Hence, you have to inform staff members, particularly those who work at the office, of the on-coming transition and the office moving beforehand. It is a good idea to make an announcement as soon as you’ve made the decision.

Call for a general meeting and describe the new office and its location, set up a date for the office move. Reveal the pros of the office moving to a new place and the positive impact on further company’s growth.

Send a Written Announcement via Email

The memo can be sent via email so that all people working for your company would be informed and have enough time to get ready.

In the event of the office moving from the present address some employees might face longer commute time or any other difficulties. Assign an HR specialist to reply to potential requests or questions. You need to consider compensation if transferring an office to a new place is going to affect the daily routine of people working for the company.

It would be nice of the management to keep employees informed about the prearranged transition schedule and relevant responsibilities.

Organize a Visit to the New Office

When the office move is announced, employees might be curious to see the new workspace. Organize a trip to the new facility, show premises, share your plans on spatial distribution, and ask their opinions.

Announce the moving date and discuss responsibilities. Appoint moving assistants so that all employees would know who can answer their emergent questions.

Prepare a Detailed Layout for the New Office

A prepared floor plan of the new company’s premises should facilitate the office move: it allows allocating equipment, heavy furniture, and work stations according to the departments so office movers could place it accordingly. Inform employees about the moving plan, reveal your reasons, and explain why some rooms have been chosen for specific departments.

A well-planned layout for a new office can save you time from transferring heavy office equipment from place to place in the future or even prevent the necessity to hire office movers again.

Keep in mind that the work environment has a direct impact on the performance of the staff members and your business success overall. Ask about preferred colors in interior design — employees may vote for the optimal color scheme.

Based on your budget, consider replacing some of the office furniture to match the new interior design. Even small upgrades in the individual workspaces, like new desks, shelves, chairs, or file folders, might prove that you care about the people working for your company. Small improvements might also encourage employees to participate in the office move.

Get Ready for a Move

Decluttering is an essential part of any move. Absolutely no one wants to pay for moving broken or unnecessary items. Over time tons of old papers and documents have accumulated at the office, as well as broken equipment, like printers, keyboards, etc., that are stored somewhere in the back of the office.

An office moving company will charge by volume or weight, so it is high time to get rid of destroyed stuff and junk. Shred old unnecessary papers, throw out or donate unwanted items, such as old furniture and no longer needed office equipment.

Besides, employees can organize their personal things, documents and supplies they use within the workspace to prepare for the transition.

You can appoint several moving assistants responsible for every division of your business. Assistants can follow the preparation chores and make inventory lists for their departments.

Hiring Professional Movers

If you want the office move to pass off without a hitch, the choice of an office moving company is crucial. To avoid scams, do online research, seek advice from your friends, ask colleagues for recommendations, and check online reviews and testimonials.

Once you’ve chosen several companies, request online quotes. Reputable office movers almost always provide free in-person estimation — this is the most practical approach to evaluate moving costs and avoid additional expenses.

If you plan the relocation in advance, consider booking a moving company in the middle of a month during business days because on weekends and at the end of every month rates are higher. Keep in mind that summer is the high season for movers as many families prefer moving during school holidays.

Reputable companies can guide you through all major stages of the move and relieve you from stress and pressure via a prearranged plan for the office relocation.

Moving Day: Communication Is the Key

In fact, reliable and skilled office movers will take care of every minor aspect of the move. Full-service movers usually arrive to pack everything a day before the arranged moving day.

On the moving day, you will be extremely busy, so it’s vital to stay in contact with movers and office assistants appointed to coordinate the move. Check that movers place all boxes, equipment, shelves, and desks in the right rooms at the new facility.

Send Office Relocation Emails

Once the hard work is completed, work stations and equipment are in their places and ready for a regular workflow, you should inform employees about all the details relatable to the new company’s address: parking slots, keys or access cards, etc.

Besides, you have to remind clients and partners about the location — confirm that the relocation was successful and your business operates as usual. Additionally, you may consider inviting business partners to a party to celebrate the relocation and demonstrate the new facility.


When the fuss is over, it is time for a corporate celebration. Have fun but don’t forget to mention that you set a high value on your employees’ participation in a move. Highlight the advantages of the new office facility… and celebrate!


With proper preparation, an office move can be much less stressful than you expect. Definitely, you need time to organize the transition and schedule everything. Search for a trustworthy company offering the office moving service — pros are capable of transporting your office safely in a short time.

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