7 Tips for Improving Your Call Center Service

Call Center Operators with Headsets

Your call center is the face of your business to your customers. So the question is, what type of face are you presenting? If your call center service has been less than stellar, now is the time to ramp up your performance with these seven easy tips.

Streamline Calls Using IVR Options

Nothing frustrates a customer faster than calling into a complex menu system that requires multiple selections before a connection is made. Use routing options that will get customers to the appropriate service agent or department in as few choices as possible to make the entire customer experience more efficient and enjoyable.

Never Rush Customers When Queue is Full

It is natural for call center agents to feel the stress when the queue fills up, which can result in rushed service calls and unhappy customers. Make sure your employees understand that their responsibility is to handle each customer like she is the only call of the day. Full queues and scheduling challenges are the responsibility of management.

Create a More Efficient Agent Desktop

Allow your service agents to work smarter rather than harder, with an efficient agent desktop designed just for them. Complicated desktops result in frustrated call center agents who must navigate the system. It also creates frustrated customers who require more time for calls, and it also costs your business more in the need for additional training time. A more efficient desktop will create happier service agents, as well as happier customers through faster, more efficient responses from your business.

Implement Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

Take advantage of the latest technology to streamline your call center. A company like Commence has software for sales tracking and automation so that you can manage your relationships with customers, service users, associates, and suppliers seamlessly throughout the customer journey. CRM makes it easy to organize, track, and grow your sales and provide the best call center service.

Provide More Time for Training and Support

Automate evaluation processes to free up your time for training and staff support. Instead of spending time listening in on calls, you can use that time to offer training sessions and encourage call center staff in their work. By spending less time evaluating and more time motivating, you ensure your staff is equipped to offer customers the highest level of service possible.

Offer Breaks when Appropriate

The job of a call center agent is a stressful one, and when the stress builds, the customer often gets the short end of the stick. Avoid those charged situations by offering contact center staff ample breaks away from the phone lines. Whether you schedule multiple breaks into the day or shorter shifts overall, this small effort can make a big difference in the level of service your customers receive.

Empower Agents to Help Customers

Some companies do not provide proper training to call center agents, due to the high turnover rate in these departments. However, training may be just the ticket for employee retention, as well as a higher level of customer service. When employees have the knowledge and skills they need to perform their job well, they are more likely to stick with the position. At the same time, customers benefit by getting solutions to problems through a single company employee.

The call center is the bread and butter of many businesses today, building relationships with customers like no one else in the company. By putting time, money and effort into improving the call center, your customers may enjoy better service and develop a better impression of your business overall.

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