7-Second Tips to Increase Foot Traffic in Your Store

Friends looking in shop window

Research has proven that people make their first impressions within seven
seconds. If your potential customers don’t like what they see during those quick
moments, then they won’t walk into your store. And as you know, you don’t
get a second chance at a first impression. Therefore, it’s important that
you do all you can to catch people’s attention as soon as you can. To do
so, check out some of these tips that are sure to increase foot traffic in
your store.

Create a display with a clear message

An effective window display should tell onlookers exactly what to expect
from your store. It should be a story that expresses your brand and the
shopping experience. Figure out your message ahead of time and make sure
it’s neat and not overly cluttered. You may also want to switch up your
display from season to season. This can help attract more customers and
convey the message that you care about keeping up your appearances.

Put plants outside

The mere sight of a plant is known to improve a person’s well-being,
increase attentiveness and reduce stress. Therefore, if you strategically
place some flora at the door of your store, you’ll grab people’s attention
and make them feel welcomed. Some great plants for this exact purpose
include rhododendron, inkberry, and Japanese Pieris. Also try using the
color blue on your door or for your decorations outside as this is the
color of relaxation and warmth.

Place newer popular items in the front

You want to be seen as innovative, cutting-edge, and with the times.
Therefore, you should always keep your newer and more popular products in
the front of the store. Therefore, as soon as people walk in, they’ll be
intrigued by what you have to offer. If they don’t like what they see at
the front of the store, they’re definitely not walking to the back of the
store. You may also want to keep your clearance section at the back of the
store so that it entices people to walk through the rest of the space. Be
sure that the walk there is consistently clean and presentable and that it’s not
too cluttered with products.

First impressions are everything and you have very little time to make
them. Therefore, you need to make sure that your shop front is inviting and
portrays your brand’s message within seven seconds.

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