6 Apps With Excellent Customer Service

TV viewer using Netflix app

There are a lot of great apps on the market, and they all offer amazing products and services. Researching the apps before using them is essential to ensure you’ll get help if anything happens.

Excellent customer service is a big part of any business, yet some brands understand it’s value more than others. We did some research and gathered a few apps that offer great services and provide excellent customer support.


Netflix is a popular streaming service with a unique customer service approach. They invest in their customer service employees and allow them to be themselves. Eliminating strict rules and regulations when addressing streaming issues makes the service enjoyable for everyone.

Netflix also tries to avoid using answering machines and chatbots to maintain human contact as much as possible. It’s not easy answering millions of requests by hand. Still, Netflix is devoted to making its customer service pleasant every time.


Wolt is a food delivery app. It connects you to nearby restaurants and cafes and helps you manage your food orders. Wolt values its customers and takes time to deliver quality customer service. You can reach Wolt support at any moment of your order process.

Kind Wolt support employees reply to your messages immediately and try to solve any issues for you. If you’re still unsatisfied with your order, you can request a Wolt credit refund. Wolt’s team quickly reacts to all problems to make your customer experience as smooth as possible.


The Honeygain app helps you earn passive income effortlessly. It pays you for sharing your internet connection. It says you can start making free money once you sign up and download the app. This app has millions of users and still manages to deliver excellent customer service.

Honeygain has almost 11 thousand reviews on Trust Pilot with an overall score of 4.5 stars. Users mention that Honeygain’s customer support team reacts to problems immediately and does everything they can to resolve the issue. You can be sure you’ll have a great experience with Honeygain while you earn extra cash effortlessly.


Duolingo is a great app for learning a language. The app has a beautiful design, and the tasks are very fun and easy to complete. Duolingo has thousands of users every day and gives special attention to making sure that everyone has a smooth experience on the app.

One of the most helpful features on Duolingo’s website is its Help Center. This page is full of helpful tips and answers for every single problem you can have with Duolingo. If you can’t resolve your issues there, you can also reach Duolingo by phone or email. They’ll gladly help you sort out any problems you may have.


Uber connects you to the nearby drivers and helps you get from point A to point B. It’s a global business with millions of users worldwide and customer support centers in every country. Uber reviews and updates their policies often to ensure the safety and satisfaction of their customers.

If you face any issues with Uber, you can contact them in many different ways. You can find their contact details online or talk to someone through the app. Also, you can chat with them on social media and resolve your issues there. Uber has a large team of customer support specialists dedicated to solving all customer problems.


Asos is a fashion brand and a great app for shopping online. You can find a variety of different clothes and accessories in their shop. Asos handles thousands of orders daily and tries to ensure their operations run as smoothly as possible.

The app has excellent reviews on Trustpilot, and customers appreciate all the help that they get from the Asos customer support team. Customers describe Asos employees as friendly, kind, and extremely helpful. Asos is a great place to find a new outfit, knowing you’ll get the customer support you deserve.

Apps That Lead the Customer Support Experience

There are plenty of great apps that value your customer experience. Customer service teams of Honeygain, Netflix, and Duolingo apps quickly respond to their customer complaints and resolve the issues right away. It’s harder to solve problems of physical orders, but Wolt, Asos, and Uber are great in what they do.

If you’re unsure which app has excellent customer service, you can check out any app’s score on Trustpilot. Read the customer reviews and decide if it’s what you’re looking for. Research the apps before using them to make sure that you’ll get help if anything happens.

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