How Employers Should Handle a Work-Related Injury

Workplace accident

Work-related injuries occur all the time and since most of them are accidents, it is difficult to avoid them completely. Some steps must be taken for the process to pass as safely and smoothly as possible.

However, there are different types of work-related injuries, including overexertion, slips, trips, falls, workplace violence, and accidents with equipment or objects. Each of these has different procedures as some of them are more prone to happen than others and not all of them are deemed accidental. Read on below to know how employers should handle a work-related injury.

Have a Pre-Established Plan

Given the fact that work-related accidents can occur frequently, a plan must be put into place beforehand. Attending the accident only once it happens calls for more mistakes to be made as well as an inability to handle the situation properly. Creating an A-to-Z plan that covers all possible issues is a strategy that will help you avoid the hassle of trying to remember everything that must be done once the incident occurs. It is possible that some steps can be forgotten when there is an issue at hand, so making a plan beforehand will take care of that concern.

Understand the Incident

As stated before, there are different types of incidents that could cause a workplace injury. You must understand the full scope of the incident to be able to handle it properly. Although there may already be a plan in motion, each case is still unique in some way or another, so you need to make sure that you get testimonies of the victim as well as any possible eyewitnesses. If there are security cameras available in the workplace, that will also make matters much easier for you. If there is more than one person harmed, especially if it is workplace violence occurring between two employees, then make sure to hire a lawyer.

Lawyer's papers

Hire a Lawyer

Although you may have an excellent HR team and a plan set in motion, depending on the scale and magnitude of the incident, an attorney may be needed. The employee may sue the company, especially if it is overexertion or lack of protection provided to the employees regarding the equipment. It is also possible that the company be held liable in the case of a workplace fight. The Chicago-based professional injury lawyers at Blumenshine Law Group state that each case is different and must be handled uniquely. There may be compensation claims made which, depending on the case, a lawyer will be able to assess accordingly.

Take Other Employees Into Consideration

You must take other employees into consideration. No matter what the incident itself is, other employees will definitely be affected in some way. If it is an injury due to equipment, then other employees may get scared that they will have the same thing happen to them. You need to be able to reassure your employees and take all the safety precautions necessary. If it is a workplace violence case, then dealing with the offender or perpetrator will help them feel more at ease. Address them regardless of the case to ensure that they feel safe and secure. Dealing with the case itself in a proper manner will give them an example of how things will be dealt with in case they do happen to go through a similar situation.

Stay Updated

Always stay informed and on top of the issue at all times. In case the issue is major, the press may be involved, so keeping an eye on the latest news on the issue will help you better address the public. Not only that but if there are issues regarding the compensation, you need to fully know the company’s budget for these cases. You also need to stay updated on the victim’s case, especially if it is an extremely serious medical case. In the event that they need any further financial assistance, be informed, and try to help out as much as possible.

When you own a business, it is essential that you have some sort of crisis plan beforehand. Setting up a fully fledged-out plan with your company’s lawyer will help you get all the aspects of an incident clear. However, if your company or business does not have a lawyer, then proceed with quality research regarding these incidents and seek the help of your HR team to create this sort of procedure. In any case, after you do the research, make sure that you hire a lawyer at least as standby for any work-related cases.

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