5 Things Online Casino Players Look for In Customer Service in 2022

Casino customer service team

In an increasingly digital world, all industries and sectors face growing challenges to provide great customer service. Yes, technology offers solutions in many respects, but tech can also be part of the problem at times. Customer service is unique in that respect. It’s riding a wave of technology, yet there remains demand for traditional approaches.

One such industry that faces customer service challenges is the online casino industry. For reasons we shall touch on below, it is very important to players. Sites like Casinos for Money, which forensically reviews top casino platforms, often focus on customer service as an aspect that players should be looking for when choosing to play at casinos online.

But what do players want? What, if anything, could be better? Let’s look at five important areas below:

24/7 Access

When do people play online casino games? It is, broadly speaking, a leisure activity, and that means it could be any time of the day. But peak hours tend to be in the evenings and at weekends, so it can be disappointing to see casino sites that have customer service lines only open Monday-Friday, during office hours. Those casinos that do offer 24/7 customer service options tend to advertise that fact openly, and it’s refreshing for players to be able to access it whenever they want.

Real Human Interaction

Customer service bots are all the rage these days, and it would be myopic in the extreme to say that AI and other tech won’t continue to improve them further. However, customer service issues at casinos tend to be complex. Not in the sense of being too difficult to explain, but rather that problems tend to be specific to that player. They are idiosyncratic problems – “my payment method has been declined”, “I can’t reset my password”, “where’s my bonus” – that often require human customer service to resolve.

Quick Document Verification

It’s the reality of modern online casino gaming – and other industries like banking – that there is an obligation for KYC (know your customer/client) policies. This will vary from casino to casino, and the requirements will be different depending on the jurisdiction. However, whether it’s verifying an ID or checking bank details, players want it sorted as quickly as possible. Arguably, they also want it checked by a human. If you look up casino review forums, it’s one of the most common gripes of players, who will close their accounts if they are constantly stuck in limbo for verification.

Clear Policy Terms

The best online casinos make sure that terms and conditions are made clear to players. Suppose you take something like casino bonuses, which are a common marketing tool for the platforms. Bonuses should usually not be considered as “free money”, and they often come laden with restrictions, although it does depend on the type of bonus. Players prefer transparency, however. So, for example, if there is a $500 win cap on free spins, they know the parameters they are playing with on the site. Having knowledgeable customer service staff ready to explain such things is a must.


The Full Suite of Contact Options

As everyone in customer service knows, there are multiple options to connect customers and businesses these days: Phone, email and live chat are all musts at online casinos, because different types of problems require different means of communication. Furthermore, top casinos will also have customer service options available through social media. The latter is an underrated tool for casino platforms to connect with customers, often allowing them to take players en masse in steps to troubleshoot problems. It’s also a handy option for communication in the rare cases that a casino platform goes offline.

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