24 Hour Live Chat Service Launches in Taiwan

Jasmine YehTaiwan is a global hub of technological products, and since people there lead busy lives, “24-hour service” is emerging as a new culture, according to Sinyi Realty, a real estate company in Taiwan.

According to a survey conducted by Sinyi, since its 24-hour online service launched, even in the late night or early morning, there is up to 60 percent of the surveyed hunting for houses.

Among them, 47.2 percent happens between 5 pm to 1 am, and 12.5 percent falls in the early morning.

Moreover, the most popular consulting period falls between 9 pm to 11pm, when realty branches are out of service.

Jasmine Yeh, the PM Manager of Sinyi Realty, said:

“Increasing international talents and business interactions help bring in housing demands in Taiwan. These needs are reflected in the rise of 24-hour online services. 1.9 percent users of Sinyi’s online service system are from overseas, and 63 percent overseas users come from China.”

“Online service is the most suitable for those who dislike consulting salesmen face to face. Sinyi’s online service provides a virtual platform for users to interact with agents directly, and the precise matching fulfills the needs of customers and increases the opportunity of making deals.” Yeh added.

Info: Jasmine Yeh, PM Manager, Internet Service Division, Sinyi Realty.
Tel. +886-2-2755-7666 Ext. 2323.

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