10 Tips to Help You Create More Engaging Social Media Videos

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Social media allows millions of viewers to enjoy your content with just one click! By creating engaging videos, you can build your platform quickly.

Here are 10 tips to help you create more interesting and captivating videos.

1. Choose the right titles, thumbnails, and captions

The first thing that the viewer will see is either the title, thumbnail, or caption depending on the social media platform that you’re posting your video on. Therefore, these must be as captivating as possible.


Use a clear title that informs the viewer of the video’s content, so that their expectations are met when they click on the video.

  • Although the title should be informative, making it more interesting through compelling adjectives is just as important.


  • Use bright colors to grab the viewers’ attention and make your thumbnail stand out.
  • It’s important to choose relevant pictures that give the viewer a good understanding of what your video is about.

Captions and Descriptions:

  • Be informative! Descriptions and captions with irrelevant information can make the viewer confused and disinterested.
  • Be concise! People tend to avoid long and wordy paragraphs, so ensure that you need every word that you’re using.

2. Grab the audience’s attention quickly

The first 5 seconds of the video are the most important! Most viewers lose interest very quickly, so after they click on the video you must keep them curious. Here are some ways to grab the viewers’ attention:

  • Use visual effects! There are thousands of visual effects that can help liven up your video.
  • Be enthusiastic both vocally and visually. Being passionate and invested in the content of your video is crucial as it motivates your viewer to share your passion.
  • Meet their expectations by ensuring that the video contains what the title says it does.

3. Use effects wisely

Although visual effects and sound effects can be engaging as stated in tip 2, overusing them can make the video too noisy. Therefore, use a number of effects that can keep your video interesting, while noting that there’s a limit. By simply reviewing your videos or showing them to a friend, you can know whether or not you’re using a fitting number of effects.

4. Keep it short and sweet

Keeping your content concise allows the viewer to be informed and entertained, while remaining interested. Make sure to use each second wisely, so that you can convey your entire message in a short period of time. Long videos that don’t get to the point tend to bore viewers and hinder the video’s performance.

5. Include subtitles

Although this may seem basic, subtitles are very important. Viewers can easily lose focus if they can’t hear and read what you’re saying. Subtitles allow the viewer to read your content and remain focused on the video. In addition, they increase the possibility of reaching a wider audience as subtitles in different languages make your content more universal.

6. Use sound effects to keep the audience alert

Using sound effects can vary from simple isolated sounds which include the sounds of everyday items like doorbells, car horns and telephone rings, to background ambiences that provide the basic environment for a production. (So… What Are Sound Effects?) The goal of using sound effects is to emphasize the content of the video, while evoking an emotional response.

7. Determine your target audience

It’s very important to have target audience when creating social media videos as it allows your content to be focused. The target audience is the group of people that you aim to convey your message to. Factors such as age, location, interests, and language are all important to consider when determining your target audience.

8. Plan ahead

Another way to keep your content engaging is to plan ahead the content of your video, how you’ll convey your message, and how you’ll reach your target audience. A good method by which you can plan your video’s content is conducting research on your idea. This allows you to be well-informed which will later be reflected in your video. In addition, finding inspiration can allow you to make your content more creative and unique, in contrast to other social media videos.

9. Study your old content

By measuring the performance of your older social media videos, you can learn from your mistakes and improve your content. Since the goal of your video is to reach your target audience and convey your message, studying the audience’s reaction to your video will allow you to adapt to their expectations and enhance your videos. Measuring the performance of your videos can be done through the following methods:

  • Checking the number views in comparison to the number of followers or subscribers.
  • Determining whether or not your viewers are part of your target audience.
  • Being open to constructive criticism from your audience.
  • Comparing the views of different videos that you’ve uploaded in the past, in order to determine what the audience enjoys the most.

10. Be Consistent

Consistency is crucial when building your social media platform!

  • You should create a schedule for uploading content. This allows you to ensure that you’re consistent, while keeping track of your uploading habits.
  • As stated in tip 8, planning your content makes the creation of your video easier and less time consuming. In addition, by planning ahead cramming can be avoided as it usually leads to sloppy and disorganized content.
  • Tell your viewers when to expect content! By both setting your audience’s expectations and consistently meeting them, you can help build your social media platform faster.

So, what’s the conclusion?

Planning ahead and being aware of your aim are both essential when creating engaging social media videos as they allow you to reach the viewers that you wish to reach. Remember that the method by which you create your videos plays a vital role in successfully building your platform!

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