Examples of Poor Customer Service

Bad customer experiences are not hard to find these days. The key to success is to identify and correct poor service before it’s too late.

Poor customer service examples:

1. Reaching a checkout in the supermarket and the cashier refusing to serve you as he is “just closing the aisle”.

2. Phoning a call center and getting lost in an endless loop of voicemail recordings.

3. Having to invest your own money to use a supermarket trolley (to go and BUY things from them!)

4. Being treated like a criminal at airport security.

5. Not getting batteries with your recent gadget purchase.

6. Slow replies to support request emails when you’ve just purchased a product online.

7. Waiting more than 30 minutes for something to eat in a restaurant.

8. Calling up a call center and being unable to speak with a human being.

9. Having to wait in all day because the online shop you purchased from is unable to tell you when they will deliver.

10. Telephone companies charging extra if you want to pay your bill in cash.

What are your experiences of sub-standard service? Leave a comment below.

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