Why You Need Call Tracking to Improve Customer Service

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Technologies like call tracking with data collection from Phonexa allow businesses to collect, process, and elevate every aspect of the customer-brand interaction. As part of Phonexa’s all-encompassing Call Logic product, Call Tracking software can help you improve customer service, quantify your marketing campaigns, enhance brand image, and, as a result, drive more sales.

Read on to learn how call tracking can improve your customer service.

Automating the Customer Journey

The quality of interactivity becomes increasingly critical as your business grows. The more customers you have, the more important it is to automate calls so your leads can solve issues from the get-go, even before they reach a live agent.

Interactive voice response (IVR) can help you immensely by collecting information from your leads and solving their requests independently of live agents.

By having an IVR system in place — such as the customizable IVR featured in Phonexa’s Call Logic platform — you can:

  • Expedite the user experience. Your leads call you not to listen to melodies while waiting in a queue, don’t they? An excessively long call queue can lose you over 40% of callers. On the other hand, an IVR system can answer most, if not all, of your callers’ questions with no delay.
  • Scale your business. IVR can process any number of requests at the same time without interruptions and breaks, scaling your business as much as you want by servicing up to hundreds and thousands of callers simultaneously.
  • Improve agent performance. Not only does an IVR system collect information from a caller, but it also redirects them to the most relevant agent so that the caller receives the best service.

A smartly designed IVR system is beneficial all around for both businesses and customers. From enhancing your customer journey to creating your brand voice to solving callers’ requests, an IVR system can take your user experience to the next level and increase ROI. It has been proven that calls convert up to 15 times more leads than web interaction.

Distributing Callers

Integrated into an IVR system, an automatic call distributor routes calls based on the caller’s responses so that they can speak with the most relevant agent. The more questions a caller is asked and the more detailed the answers are, the more accurate the distribution.

Improving Calls Processing

With an IVR system and call distribution in place, the data you collect can be organized and analyzed to improve your customer journey.

Among many other key performance indicators, call tracking can help you evaluate:

  • Satisfaction rate. The percentage of leads you convert and the feedback they leave can give you a glimpse into how you can enhance the customer journey. For example, the questions from your IVR may be in the wrong order, irrelevant, not fully understandable, etc.
  • Demographics. By knowing the age, gender, marital status, budget, race, ethnicity, education, and other parameters of your callers, you can customize your IVR respectively, guide your live agents, and distribute leads more effectively.
  • Call parameters. The most important parameters of a call are its length, whether the lead was connected to a live agent, and whether they were satisfied with your service. The more data you have, the better you know what areas you can improve.

The synergy of data collection and analysis will ultimately move your business forward.

Marketing Benefits of Call Tracking

There’s much more to call tracking than improving customer service.

The other significant benefit is that you can customize your marketing campaigns based on the collected data. Social media, paid search, native ads, etc. – call tracking can determine your most profitable and underperforming marketing channels, putting you in the driver’s seat of your campaigns.

Here’s what you can do with the help of call tracking:

  • Improve your budget management. The more marketing campaigns you have, the higher the value of automation. Call tracking can help you separate the wheat from the chaff to double down on the most profitable marketing channels and close those eating away at your budget.
  • Estimate the effectiveness of your affiliates. If you’re working with affiliates, you need an instrument that would allow you to estimate the effectiveness of each of your partners and the revenue they generate. Call tracking can do that by measuring multiple parameters of inbound calls.
  • Prevent fraud. According to Phonexa’s recent case study, specific data verification hygiene procedures can lower fraudulent transactions by 30%, giving you more control over your lead sales. Call tracking can enhance the integrity of your business through fraud detection.

Final Thoughts

Knowing your customers is paramount in today’s business landscape. Whether you sell software, cinema tickets, or lingerie, nothing can get you as much insight into your prospects and leads as advanced call tracking software.

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