Stop Causing Problems in the Minds of Your Customers

Watch customer satisfaction increase just by changing this one simple word.

Mind Without meaning to, we often create the perception that there is a problem for our customers. However, there is a simple and easy way to avoid this and become known as a resource to your customers.

Houston, We Have a Problem!

As soon as we say it, it causes angst in the minds of our customers.

Just by verbalizing the word “problem” the person to whom you are speaking will remember it. It settles into their minds and stays with them.

We all say it without even realizing it. How many times have you said “The problem with that is” “That presents a problem.” “There’s a problem with your order.” “We’re having some problems with” These are phrases that come out of our mouths on a regular basis with the intention of letting our customers know that there is something we need to talk to them about.

Use the Word “Challenge” Instead

By making this one simple switch, it sits better in the mind of the listener. The word Problem is defined as any question or matter involving doubt, uncertainty, or difficulty.

Your business relationship could be jeopardized when you cause uncertainty in the minds of your customers. Their highest need is certainty and when that is called into question, their first instinct is do business with someone who knows what he is doing and follows through on his promises.

By using the word Challenge, the feeling created is that of an issue that can be resolved. Challenge is defined as a call or summons to engage in any contest, as of skill, strength, etc. It calls for action, engagement, and skills to come into play. It does not appear insurmountable.

Problem is perceived as the process will stop in its tracks, that there’s nothing that can be done. Challenges are something that can usually be worked through with an alteration of the original plan.

The Challenge is that..

By simply changing out the words, you instill faith and confidence in the minds of your customers that they made the right decision to do business with you. Using the word challenge will let them know that you are working on the issue, not giving up.

Most people readily accept challenges. It presents a test of skill, ability, and determination to resolve a challenge. When challenges are overcome, the benefits are a sense of accomplishment and a learning.

The Customer Experience is Based on Feelings

Because people make their buying decisions based on emotions and back them up with logic, it’s important to address anything that may impact feelings.

One of these factors are the words that we use. Customers appreciate the fact that we work through challenges for them. They know that not everything runs as smoothly as it is supposed to and it endears them to us when we’ve worked through and conquered a challenge for them.

Customer satisfaction and retention usually increases as a result of challenges that we have overcome in the best interest of both our businesses and our customers.

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Kristina Evey is improving the way companies connect with their customers and increase their profits, she is an accomplished speaker and trainer on Customer Satisfaction and Retention.

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