Why Is Your Home Office Setup So Important?

Employee working from home

Setting your home office for remote work is about flexibility, accessibility, efficiency, and security.

You can become even more productive than usual if you have a proper home office setup. Since each person has unique work and lifestyle needs, you should set up a home workspace that you can personalize however you please.

The problem is that coming up with the ideal remote setup can be challenging. In a remote work environment, you’re the one who must deal with setting up the workspace and designing a home office where you can be productive, focused, and comfortable. To achieve your goal, you need to choose the right workspace equipment.

Let’s talk about what you need to set up a perfect home office and how it helps to determine work-life boundaries so that you can focus on your core mission.

Choose the right technology for your home office

Choosing the right technology tools for your remote workspace is vital to professional development and efficiency. Although you’ll be somewhat limited by the sheer extent of factors such as accessibility, physical space, and your budget, there are still great options for choosing the right remote work equipment.

The trick is to find the right tech that suits your exact needs. The first piece of equipment you’ll need is a laptop or desktop computer. Both options are necessary for constant communication with your team members and will be your primary mode of working.

When choosing a device, pay special attention to the processing power, speed, and other similar specifications to ensure your device matches your optimal way of working.

Camera and internet connection

Once you have a device ready, you need to take care of the internet connectivity. You need a fast home internet connection that can support your daily workload. We recommend getting a backup to ensure your home office remains up and running if your connection fails. Some viable backup options include MiFi, a dedicated mobile hotspot, and tethering.

Since video calls are one of the preferred options for maintaining professional relationships with other team members, partners, and clients, integrating top-grade video into your home office communication is essential for your remote workplace.

There are three popular options for choosing the right camera for a home office:

  • Baseline built-in webcam on an external display, laptop, or phone.
  • Dedicated USB webcam.
  • DSLR with a dedicated lens or mirrorless camera.


While most remote workers use laptops to complete their daily tasks, nothing can come close to an external monitor. Aside from allowing you to position it however you please, a monitor is paramount for keeping your head, neck, and posture in an ergonomically natural position.

It’s even better if you use two monitors, as you can use one for video calls and another for other tasks, such as referencing pages, documentation, etc.

You can do this with one monitor by splitting screen on Windows, but using two monitors allows you to expand your visual workspace and keep everything you need, including your files and folders, more readable and searchable.

Ideas of how to set up a home office

Here are some ideas to help you design an ideal home office setup:

  • Look for an ergonomic chair with armrests and proper lumbar support.
  • Fix the lighting in your workplace by adding a desk lamp (if necessary).
  • Consider getting earbuds for video and voice calls.
  • In addition to a desktop computer, you should also consider a laptop if you’ll move around.
  • Eliminate unnecessary cords by buying a wireless charging device.
  • Get a standing or adjustable desk as too much sitting can endanger your health.
  • If you must sit long, get a footrest to elevate your feet.

We’d also like to mention using a VPN if you frequently rely on Wi-Fi for your internet connection. A Virtual Private Network encrypts your communication with the internet and hides your IP and location, which is essential for securing your home internet connection.

A VPN for Windows devices at home is essential since you perform many confidential activities that require more protection. This tool can also defend you on free public Wi-Fi when you decide to work from a local coffee shop.


With more businesses shifting to permanent remote work, home offices are becoming increasingly popular. They are the most viable and effective options for managing a remote workforce regardless of where you’re stationed.

However, since no perfect solution works for everyone, it takes time, effort, and resources to develop the ideal and fully optimized home office setup. The quality and design of your home office setup directly impact your engagement, productivity, professionalism, and ability to deliver top-class results.

Although it requires some investment, it’s better to make a long-term investment that will open new business opportunities for you.

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