Why Academic Writing Skills Are Useful for Managers

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Writing is seen as such a Herculean task that it is often outsourced and that can be a great idea. If you look at the writing involved in a task and you realise that it is something that you cannot handle, it’s easy to get an essay writing service to deal with it for you.

Nonetheless, academic writing is a very useful skill that you must acquire as a manager. People often downplay the importance of writing and that’s why some writers are undercharged because someone somewhere thinks it is a combination of words and nothing more. Alas, there is more to writing than this.

Why is writing important?

You need to be able to effectively communicate in the workplace. In fact, this is not even negotiable. Whether you are sending out emails, memos or any other thing that requires writing, it needs to be well worded and composed with the intent to pass messages how they are meant to be passed.

As a manager, you have to understand the importance of written communication. Being able to pass messages effectively in writing will save you a lot of stress. Information that is written down can always be referenced again, unlike information communicated via word of mouth.

Your ability to successfully communicate in writing is one quality of a good leader. For every message you send out in writing, you are creating a relationship between you and the reader. Your words decide the relationship you create.

On social media, a lot of people often say “I am responsible for what I type. You are responsible for what you understand”.

While this is applicable to social media, it is not in the office space. Whatever information you had in your mind to pass, has to be passed in a manner that the person receiving it understands what you’re trying to say clearly. You need writing for effective business communication and you should know by now that the importance of business communication cannot be overemphasized.

Why do managers need academic writing skills?

Apart from sending emails and memos and every other basic thing that requires writing in the workplace, a manager needs to have the skill of academic writing. The process involved in academic writing is like training grounds for leadership. Academic writing requires a lot of discipline as it is a process that needs the most attention to detail, research, fact-finding, and curation of statistics. Here are some of the reasons this skill is useful for managers:

It helps in communicating formally

When communicating in the office, unless there is a joke being told, there is no reason to laugh. Some people fall into the pit of informal writing while passing a message. When you are writing a business mail, it should be written with the skills of an academic writer. No need to beat around the bush. Just go straight to the point and deliver your message.

Reports and correspondences are written better

Reports require a certain level of discipline and formality; the same type that is required when you write academic pieces. Managers who are unable to come up with good reports and correspondences should have their managerial duties put to the test. These reports are vital and regardless of the reason they were created, they need to retain that seriousness associated with academic writing processes.

It helps to create clear and succinct communication

Another thing about academic writing that should be adopted, is the absence of superfluous words. In a business environment, you cannot send messages that are left open to interpretation. Your official messages have to come out bereft of every unnecessary word and letters.

Academic writing teaches you to go for facts, eschewing all words that are immaterial to the subject matter of time. In memos that should be passed around to the team members, your words should be simple, succinct, brief and share the important information in just the required amounts of words needed.

To provide performance reviews

When a project has been completed by a team, a review is in order. In a project review, it is easy to write, “the project was successful and…”

However, that is not a good review. A good review has to embody the good work that was done and the terrible ones as well. You have to be able to come up with a constructive analysis of how everyone worked, what they did right, what they did wrong, how they can do better and how they can improve on their jobs.

This is a job that you cannot outsource because outsourcing means you would be giving important sensitive information to the writer.

Final thoughts

Effective communication is one of the ways you can ensure effective employee engagement, especially in a time when everyone is learning how to work away from the office. Written communication has to be done right, with the right messages passed across.

Thankfully, managers can now improve communication by learning the art of academic writing. With this skill, you can easily boost communication in the workplace and improve productivity among workers.

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