Who Does Customer Success Software Work For?

Customer Success Manager

Customer success software has been developed to enhance customer experience and provide the company with better information. However, this software also provides more benefits to a number of teams within a company than anyone would expect.


The executives of a company or organization can make use of the customer success data for better results with their jobs. Whenever they are in a customer meeting, they will avoid being blindsided. Rather than walking to a meeting without the knowledge of where the customer is and how it is doing, the software helps them understand the ‘health score’ of a customer and any other data related to it.

Through the software, they get to know how frequently a customer has been in touch with the support team, the frustrations they have had when renewing their subscription, and how the customer has engaged with the software. Executives can also use this software in the identification of top clients and reach out to them frequently to get their valuable feedback. This way, they get to know the areas they need to focus their efforts.

Product Development

Product development teams can also make use of the customer success software. It enables such teams to see the various requests for change and enhancements by customers. These teams can, therefore, prioritize and review such requests so that they can provide customers with their needs. This way, customers can derive the real value of the company’s product.

Additionally, development teams can look into the various features and take note of those that are heavily used by the customers. Through such information, they can call top users into their focus groups. The software allows development teams to publicize upcoming patches, product releases, and incentives to customers.


Support teams are more likely to be the most obvious beneficiaries of the customer success software. Just like the executives, support teams can avoid getting caught unaware of customer problems. They can utilize the indicators built into the software to establish customer health, usage, and other metrics to ensure proper service for the customer. The software can also be used to prioritize customer tickets so that the most urgent needs are addressed first.


The customer success software also comes in handy for service teams as well. Whenever multiple support tickets from customers are submitted simultaneously, all touching on a similar aspect of the software, such teams can take it as an alert for a workshop or training session.

Service teams can also use this software to identify the customers that lack designated administrators and are therefore not ready for onboarding. The team can then provide managed services that are tailored to a customer’s specific needs.

Additionally, service teams can also monitor the onboarding process through the software. They can work closely with project managers to keep projects on track and go through the feedback.


The finance department in an organization can look at how Customer Service Managers are utilizing their time and the collections they are driving. This department can monitor a customer’s health score and tell when they are getting value.

For overdue bills, the finance department knows the right time to call them if they are having any issue with their customer health. Whenever they are struggling to reach out to such customers, they can do this via Customer Service Managers.

When it comes to determining how CSMs allocate their time, the finance department may find it difficult to rate their work. As such, the Customer success software paints a vivid picture of how each CSM is allocating their time, making the department’s work easier.


The sales team in an organization is yet another team that benefits from the customer success software. One of the benefits is quite similar to that of the support team and executives – better visibility. Sales personnel can monitor how customers are faring, majorly by observing their onboarding status, health scores, and adoption trends. Through such information, organizations know what to expect from their customers whenever they call them up – their frustrations and needs, and so much more.

Sales teams can also see openings for new opportunities whenever a contact at their customer changes jobs. They have the chance to follow that contact to the new company they’re headed and still reach out to the new buyer that’s replacing them. The customer success software also allows sales teams to track their prospects, those they can upsell to, and the at-risk customers.


Marketing, just like sales, is another department that benefits greatly from the customer success software. It helps identify advocates for the organization and get referrals from them in a proactive and reactive manner. Through this software, the marketing department also gets a clear idea of how to they derived return on investment for specific customers. This kind of repository for client success stories is priceless when contacting prospects.

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