Keeping an Eye on Your Company’s Security

Cyber security software

As businesses begin to transfer most of their daily activities onto online networks, the risk of security breaches is skyrocketing.

Most company networks have access to a sturdy security system that helps protect from external attacks and infiltration. However, most security systems are helpless against an attack conducted from within the company.

Many information leaks that occur to major companies are done from within. Someone who has access to the data leaks it out to the public and millions of client’s information are available for purchase. Preventing this data spill can save your company from millions of dollars in lawsuits, and more importantly, protect the information of your clients.

While most security systems fail in properly protecting a company network from an internal breach, having a dedicated network monitoring system will allow you to keep track of any suspicious activity. This allows you to properly employ insider threat protection on your company network.

Why monitor your employees

Your employees are the ones who have access to your network. It’s unfortunate, but if an attack is going to occur on a company network, it’s most likely going to be conducted by someone within the company. All leaks are perpetrated by someone who already has access to a system. The security measures will be useless against someone who has been granted administrator access to a network.

The only way to prevent this internal attack is to monitor your employee’s activity and make sure that what they’re doing while on a company computer is not malicious. Monitoring your employees gives you information anywhere from what files they’re accessing down to each click of the mouse. You can monitor any device on a network – phones, computers, vehicles, etc. This allows you to know what’s going on at all times and helps prevent internal break-ins.

Features of a network monitor

Any great monitoring system should include a few base features that will enable you to better protect your company network. Real-time feedback is one of the most necessary aspects of a good employee monitoring system. Being able to know what’s being accessed the second someone accesses it will help prevent data leaks. Internal attacks can be stopped by mere seconds so time matters.

A filter for the information processed by the system will help prevent the cluttering of knowledge. Many employee monitoring systems give you feedback and information as a minute as an individual click of the mouse. A system that filters this information based on what you need to know will only send you notifications if a system compromise is likely. Certain files can be marked as priority or certain computers set up with a specified monitoring clause.

A great system offers screen recording technology of devices on a company network. This allows you to see what steps an employee is taking to get to certain areas on the network. If you believe that a device is the source of possible data leaks, you can record their screen for later analysis. All of this combines to offer you a great employee monitoring system and internal security.

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