Which Stock Is Best to Buy In 2022?

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With the pandemic not showing signs of slowing down its severity soon, the stock market is struggling to reach its pre-pandemic levels. Fears of a looming recession are keeping investors mulling over the right stocks to buy in 2022.

However, stock investing works in your favor when you maintain a close watch on the market movements and decide based on your perspective. You should be aware of the opportunities in different sectors and grab them swiftly. Here are some of the top stocks we have picked out for you. Find out some of the best choices available so you can avoid making expensive errors.

1. Walt Disney (DIS)

In the entertainment industry, Walt Disney maintains an edge with its experience and innovations. Find below the must-know stock investing stats for the company:

Market cap: $175.12 billion

Stock price: $96.08 [−1.12 (1.15%)]

Dividend: N/A

Debt/Equity ratio: 0.57

Reasons to buy DIS

  1. Although the pandemic has hit the movie and theme park sectors, the streaming service has brought in high revenue.
  2. The company’s streaming services like ESPN+ and Hulu show good revenue potential with the recent improvements.
  3. A robust company with intellectual properties such as Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel, and Disney.

2. Qualcomm Inc. (QCOM)

A key player in wireless technology and a leader in the chipset and 5G market, Qualcomm is a stock to watch out for. Here are the company’s must-know stock investing stats:

Market cap: $138.354 billion

Stock price: $122.49 [-1.04 (0.84%)]

Dividend: 2.48%

Debt/Equity ratio: 1.176

Reasons to buy Qualcomm

  1. It is a blue-chip stock showing increasing dividend share for over a decade.
  2. The company involves in designing, manufacturing, and promoting products and services, many of which it holds patent rights to.
  3. The stocks of the company are cheap but reflect a slowdown in smartphone sales in the future.
  4. Robust growth potential is present with the company providing dividends and buybacks that benefit investors.

3. Amazon.com (AMZN)

As the leading online retailer and cloud computing service provider through its proprietary AWS platform, Amazon shares are a good option. The must-know stock investing stats for this company are:

Market cap: $1.1 trillion

Stock price: $113.58 [+4.01 (+3.66%)]

Dividend: N/A

Debt/Equity ratio: 0.3549

Reasons to buy Amazon stocks

  • Amazon has developed a powerful advertising business that can prove to be very lucrative in the coming years.
  • Its cloud computing segment is growing at a rapid pace reporting high revenues and good profit margins.
  • The stock is cheaper now when compared to the rates in the past five years.

4. Meta Platforms

Formerly traded as Facebook, Meta Platforms is the biggest social media business globally. It comprises Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and many other services and products. The must-know stock investing stats for the company are:

Market cap: $459.45 billion

Stock price: $169.77 [+1.58 (+0.94%)]

Dividend: N/A

Debt/Equity ratio: 0.12%

Reasons to buy Meta Platforms

  1. It is considered the best growth stock due to the Metaverse concept, which can generate more than $800 million for the business.
  2. Share prices have undergone a recent market correction, allowing buying of the stock at a discounted price.
  3. The company generated 97.5% of its revenue from advertisement placement sales to marketers.

5. Dutch Bros (BROS)

Launched in 1992, Dutch Bros belongs to the restaurant industry. It operates a series of drive-through coffee shops specializing in espresso drinks. In 2021, the company had stores in 12 states of the USA and a total of 538 locations. The must-know stock investing stats of the company are:

Market cap: $5.72 billion

Stock price: $34.96 [+0.90 (+2.64%)]

Dividend: N/A

Debt/Equity ratio: 4.07%

Reasons to buy Dutch Bros

  1. Although the restaurant industry had a tough time during the pandemic with inflation and labor shortage issues, the coffee business has good recession resistance.
  2. The stock price is 60% lower than its 52-week high mark, and the stock trades at 3.3 times sales. As per the stock stats, the company has high-growth potential.
  3. Plans to expand the company indicate its profitability.

6. Lowe’s (LOW)

Lowe’s is a home improvement retail store with 1,971 stores and 230 dealer-owned stores in the USA and Canada. It is the second biggest business in the sector, next only to Home Depot. Its products and services include repair, remodeling, maintenance, and home decorating. The must-know stock investing stats of the company are:

Market cap: $114.44 billion

Stock price: $179.06 [-0.82 (-0.46%)]

Dividend: $3.45 per share

Debt/Equity ratio: N/A

Reasons to buy Lowe

  1. 75% of homeowners started home improvement jobs during the covid pandemic.
  2. The company raised its dividend by 31% in 2022, which shows it is optimistic about future growth.
  3. Its professional category shows 20% growth, and a 67-basis points improvement of the operating margin indicated good long-term growth.

Final words

Stock investing looks promising in 2022, with the market on a bear run. Investors looking to grow their money can exploit the brief lull in the market. With some of the big stocks trading at low prices, you can may get good returns on your investment. Our list of best stocks could help you decide on the right option.


The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and are not financial advice. Remember, stocks can go down as well as up and you could lose money. Always consult with a qualified financial professional before making financial decisions or investments.

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