What Is Workers’ Compensation?  

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Many workers nationwide may have got injured in the workplace at least once during their employment. When employees suffer a work-related injury or sickness, they can apply for a workers’ comp claim to receive benefits while they recover. This refers to on-the-job injuries specifically, even if the employee is delivering or traveling for their employer. To find out if you are eligible for workers’ compensation or have questions, you can speak to an experienced workers’ comp attorney here.

What Is The Process For Workers’ Compensation?

You should file a claim immediately after you experienced an injury while working, whether at the workplace, paid commuting, delivering, or traveling.

Get Medical Help

After you’ve been injured, you will need to get medical help. The doctor can review your injuries, provide proper care, and let your employer know how badly you’ve been injured. Typically, the employer picks who the healthcare provider will be. After your first treatment, you can pick an eligible doctor.

File With Your Employer Before Time Is Up

The statute of limitations for workers’ compensation claims is two years after the injury occurred. Also, it can be within one year from the last workers’ comp payment you filed.

Provide The Right Information

You will need to give your employer accurate information about when the injury happened, the place, and how it occurred. You can also include any witnesses that can testify and support how it happened.

Employer Submits Paperwork To Insurer

Your manager or human resources admin will submit your form to the insurer and, in some cases, the Missouri state workers’ compensation board. They review your case and calculate how much in benefits you are owed based on the severity of your injury or work-related illness.

The Insurer Approves Or Denies The Claim

The insurer sends information to the employer and provides payment details if approved. This covers the cost of any medical bills, disability payments, pharmaceuticals, lost wages, and other damages. This will be provided to you upon your acceptance.

If your claim is denied, you have one of two options:

  • Ask the insurance carrier to reconsider your workers’ compensation claim.
  • File a formal appeal through the Missouri state workers’ compensation board.

Work With An Attorney To Resolve Any Problems

If your benefits were too small a sum or were denied, you can seek help from a proven workers’ compensation attorney. They can review your injuries and the circumstances of what happened to create an accurate workers’ compensation form. Your attorney can also represent you before the workers’ compensation board and fight for your right to receive fair compensation.

Before you submit your workers’ compensation claim, you can also request counsel from a personal injury attorney. They can prevent you from making common errors on your application that prevent you from receiving benefits.

What Can Make You Ineligible For Workers’ Compensation?

Some workers’ compensation claims can get denied because of reasons that bar you from receiving benefits. For example, if you were performing an illegal activity when you got injured, then you can be denied. This is also the case if you were drunk or intoxicated. Another reason is if you were behaving negligently and the injury could have been easily prevented.

Find Out More Information About Workers’ Compensation

You can discover more about what benefits you are owed and whether you should pursue a workers’ compensation claim by speaking to an experienced attorney.

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