What Is Forum Marketing and How Can It Help Your Business?

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While social media algorithms are able to bring individuals with similar interests together, businesses could take advantage of this exciting opportunity, using online debates and forums to appeal to users and engage with them with minimal effort. Forum marketing is a form of marketing that is very often overlooked and undervalued by many.

Though you may have a clear knowledge of what forums are, your understanding of what forum marketing is may be unclear. That’s why we’re here to outline exactly what forum marketing is, and how it can benefit your business.

Forum marketing explained

An online forum is an online discussion board or site where a group of people who have similar interests and opinions gather to share their views on a specific topic of interest. This could be anything as vague as a discussion on puppies, or something as broad as a discussion about a particular scene in an underrated movie. Users can have their say through sharing their views in the comments or post section; users can post at any one time.

Forum marketing focuses on certain topics so that individuals who join the forums can acquire more thorough and detailed information. The discussion can take place anywhere the participants are, as long as the users have something in common – for example, similar cultures, backgrounds, interests and shared beliefs. Businesses can use these groups in these forums to expand their own online presence and create an online community, tapping into their interests, and attempting to acquire them as customers.

Potential of forum marketing for brands

An online forum gives brands and marketers the huge advantage of allowing consumers to engage with one another as well as being able to take part in online discussions. Simultaneously, brands can fix any issues and learn how to enhance certain elements of their company if participants of the forum leave any comments regarding potential bugs with the site or concerns with their brand and services.

To tap in on the potential of forums and take part in forum marketing,  you can either create and run your own forum, or you can join an existing discussion. Obviously, these two methods each have their benefits and limitations. Creating your own forum will allow your comments to be seen more by the participants, and you’ll have more control over the discussions themselves. However, if you join existing discussions, the audience is already there; you can find relevant forums which already have a community you would like to tap into.

Becoming reputable on forums

Forums provide a single location for you to develop your knowledge and authority in your subject. The higher the quality of your responses, the more upvotes or likes they will earn. This will be placed on your profile, indicating to anybody who interacts with you that you are very active and trustworthy.

Be smart when linking and directing forum users to your site. It is best to ask the person to whom you are responding whether they would be interested in viewing an extra resource you’ve prepared on the issue, and to obtain their permission before sharing any links.

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