What is a Customer Service Director?

One of the most senior positions in an organization, the Customer Service Director has the overall responsibility for the customer service function.

Customer Service Director

The director of Customer Service often reports to the CEO or Managing Director and may be a member of the board.


The job usually requires a bachelor’s degree or equivalent as well as relevant senior management experience.


Some of the responsibilities of this position include:

  • The mission and goals of the customer service department
  • Alignment of customer service goals with the organization
  • Customer service policies and procedures
  • Management of customer complaints
  • Monitoring of industry best practices
  • Customer service performance metrics and KPIs
  • Delivery of customer service excellence

Similar Positions

  • Director of Customer Experience
  • Customer Care Director
  • Customer Support Director


The average salary of a Customer Service Director is $127,740 (Source: salary.com).

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