Web Business Management System: What Is It and What Are the Benefits?

Web Business Management System (WBMS)

Documents are kept in Word, client base and analytical reports are kept in Excel, letters are stored in the mail, tasks are kept on stickers. And if you suddenly need to raise an old contract, to find a letter, to clarify the data on the client, the data search can take hours. When you are working in 3, 5 or 10 different programs at once, even a small task becomes a quest. If this article is about you, then you need a management system.

What is a Web Business Management System?

Regardless of the specifics of the business, the Web Business Management System (WBMS) contains information about services and products of the company, price lists, introductory and training materials for new employees, an organizational structure with a common list of employees, timekeeping and payroll.

Why do you need WBMS?

At first, you might think that a corporate portal is duplicating a CRM system, and it might be unclear why it is needed if there is a system. But unlike the CRM, it can:

  • send documentation for evaluation to a dozen partners at once;
  • count the salaries of employees with different motivation system;
  • teach and test employees on products, services, etc..;
  • store and exchange files and documents;
  • generate ideas from employees and communicate them to management;
  • count employees’ working hours, vacations, business trips, absences and delays;
  • provide information about all company employees;
  • keep HR documents (employment records, passports, diplomas, certificates, etc.);
  • forecast income and account for finances;
  • generate documentation in word and excel according to predefined templates;
  • congratulate on birthdays and remind them of their colleagues’ future birthdays.

All this goes beyond most CRM systems.

Let’s analyze the capabilities of corporate portals.

A single Dashboard with KPI scores for all employees

The KPI monitoring panel (dashboard) is much more efficient than tables because it clearly shows the company’s current performance required for a specific request. You no longer need to look at multiple data columns if only a few key indicators are important.

It’s easier to manage your employees. The service allows you to monitor the number of calls of each employee, the duration of calls, the number of sent commercial offers and bills, as well as the amount of paid bills. Thanks to the portal, the manager always knows which of the employees really works and who only creates visibility.

All employees have access to KPIs for the company.  It is as a result of which a healthy competition is created between them because no one wants to be on the bottom line of performance. This will help the manager to motivate the department properly.

The salary calculation for employees and for the whole company

The salary calculation is many managers’ responsibility. The system can automatically calculate the salary of employees taking into account all bonuses. The service takes into account all contracts, acts of work performed, number of services rendered, goods shipped and other indicators. This allows the owner of the company to see the amount of the salary fund, and the employee – the number of his earnings.  It is important to draw a nice designed version for your employees so that it will be easy to adapt. Because it is supposed that they will use it every day. I recommend checking your design with the help of free mockups (box mockups).

Working hours accounting

The corporate portal can track the absence of employees so that it can generate an overall rating. The system is built in such a way that the program knows:

  • what time the working day starts and ends;
  • what kind of fines threaten to be late;
  • how many violations can be “forgiven”?

The service stores information about the number of working days of each employee, vacation time, sick leave, official holidays, etc. This makes it possible to quickly calculate his salary and identify violations of the labor discipline.

Training, testing, and adaptation of new employees

One of the most important stages in the recruitment of new employees is their training and adaptation. If you have your own training system, you can post training materials, videos, texts, presentations, call records and images directly on the portal.

Split the courses into sections for easy navigation. For each course, you can assign the complexity of the material and the time required to study it. Prepare a test using a convenient multi-choice test builder.

All test results are stored in the system, so you can parse errors and improve your knowledge and skills.

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