Ways to Attract More Customers to Your Swimming Pool Business

Busy swimming pool business

It is the opening of the summer season and you are excited that your swimming pool business will start to thrive at this time of the year.

However, if there are very few customers that come to enjoy the weather and cool off at your pool you have a problem. Having no customers means that your pool business might start struggling financially and it is imperative to make some changes to attract more customers.

Swimming pools are fun during summer for those who want to have a relaxing day out. But for you, as a business owner it can imply a lot of stress if there are no customers showing up at your door.

Here are 5 ways to attract more customers to your swimming pool business and convince them to spend their free time in your pool this summer:

1.      Offer a quality swimming pool area

The first thing you need to consider when thinking about how to attract more customers is to make sure that you are offering them a quality swimming pool area. You simply can’t expect customers to wait in line at your door if you don’t offer them high-quality services. No one would like to swim in green or brown water. It is not pleasant, nor safe. Moreover, if the paint on the pool surfaces has peeled, most likely the swimming pool looks in very poor conditions.

Public pools have a bad reputation regarding safety and hygiene. If you want people to consider swimming in your pool, you need to create an attractive and clean swimming pool area. Test the water quality, including the pH value and the chlorine value and add cyanuric- based tablets in the water to maintain the good quality of the water. Also, make sure you keep the water in your swimming pool crystal-clear by adding a flocculant to the water to take all the dirt particles to the bottom of the pool where the cleaning robot will get rid of them.

2.      Really understand your targeted audience

As a business owner, it may be difficult to put yourself into the shoes of your customers. While they focus on fun and relaxation when they come to your business, you focus on bigger profits. However, if you want to attract more customers, you really need to understand what drives their decisions to choose other pool businesses instead of yours.

Imagine that you are on a vacation and you go to the swimming pool for a relaxing day. What type of services do you expect to find? How should the swimming pool be for you to feel tempted to dive in? Would you focus on having fun or relaxing on the sunbed the entire day?

Really understanding what your customers expect to find and experience when they go to a public pool can help you offer them exactly what they need to feel attracted to keep on coming the entire summer season.

3.      Offer weekend discounts

Offering discounts is one of the most popular methods to attract more customers to your business. Discounts can help with the purchasing decisions of people because they feel more attracted by a product or service when they can pay less for the same quality.  Most pool business owners tend to set higher prices for weekends.

However, weekend discounts can work amazingly for attracting more customers to your pool business. First, discounts attract customers no matter what you offer them. secondly, weekends are the best time of the week to relax with your loved ones by the pool. Most of your customers have nine-to-five jobs throughout the weekdays which stops them from visiting your business. However, if you offer them the opportunity to spend their free time at your business for less money, they will feel valued and they are more likely to come.

4.      Add extra facilities

Although you are running a pool business, there should be no limits in offering your customers other facilities too in order to make them become loyal to your business. Think about the entire experience of a day at the pool and what other things your customers may like to enjoy when they come to your business. Here are a few ideas of other facilities that can place your pool business ahead of your competitors and win the hearts of your customers:

Restaurant- Swimming is a low-impact exercise which makes the body burn many calories making customers feel hungry.  After swimming all day long, your customers will certainly want to have a delicious meal before getting back into the water. If you provide them with food and beverages, they are more likely to spend the entire day at your pool.  

Sauna- Swimming is relaxing but most of your customers will want even more relaxation after a busy week at work. A sauna option will make them fall in love with your business.

Yoga classes by the pool- Most of your customers come to your business because they want to relieve everyday stress and have fun. Yoga classes by the pool are another facility that can help them achieve more relaxation and get an improved experience with your business.

Playgrounds- Your business needs to think about the customers who are parents too. If you want to attract parents and their kids to come to your pool business, offering playgrounds is imperative. Kids can have fun and play all day long while their parents can relax by the pool.

5.      Hire the best staff

One of the most vital aspects that can play a huge role in the customer experience with your business is represented by your employees. Your employees need to resonate with the type of experience your customers expect to have. They want a relaxing and fun day by the pool not to deal with the attitude of a rude staff member. Hire employees that are friendly, respectful, and can enhance the overall experience of your customers at your pool business.

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