Vivantio Launches New Service Management Product Suite to Serve Growing B2B Service Firms

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Vivantio launches new service management product suite to serve
growing B2B service firms.

Vivantio, a leading provider of customer service optimization software and solutions, is pleased to announce a new product suite specifically developed to meet and scale with the needs of growing B2B service firms. Each edition of the service management product is built for small- and medium-sized B2B
businesses at different levels of customer service maturity. The four editions, Value, Vital, Velocity and Vision, are built on a unified platform.

Greg Rich, Vivantio“The new suite of products helps align benefits and features for service teams that require the right set of tools and functionality to solve immediate problems,” said Vivantio CEO Greg Rich. “Working collaboratively with our customers, our goal was to evaluate our entire product portfolio against our customers’ service management maturity. We found we could elevate customer experience through service optimization. The new editions of our product allows customers to maximize their investment and to continue to drive value by providing opportunities to scale within the same product suite throughout their entire organization.”

Customers’ expectations of service are growing exponentially. Meeting these increased expectations while managing one’s business makes delivering sound customer service extremely challenging. Vivantio’s new product suite enables SMBs to deliver world-class customer service effectively, efficiently and affordably to optimize customer satisfaction, retention and value.

Vivantio’s suite of service management products empowers B2B service firms to enable only the features they need, aligned with their immediate needs on a platform that can scale with their business:

VALUE: For those looking to centralize customer service operations and provide their teams with the tools to succeed.

VITAL: Designed for growing service teams looking to improve their operations, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

VELOCITY: Built to scale and meet complex service management needs across multiple teams and departments.

VISIONARY: A totally flexible solution for global enterprise companies looking for white glove service.

Vivantio B2B ReportThe new suite of products will help any B2B business with Service Optimization, which is the key to achieving business success. Service Optimization is the ability to glean coherent insight and achieve the most efficient use of processes and information–across all disciplines and teams–to provide real business efficiency and optimal service delivery. To learn how to apply Service Optimization to the latest evolution of business service, please read Vivantio’s latest report.

About Vivantio

Founded in 2003, Vivantio is a leading provider of customer service optimization software and solutions for demanding B2B service teams. By combining the comprehensive power of enterprise-level software with the flexibility of a modern cloud-based solution, Vivantio provides an intuitive, flexible and scalable unified service management platform that empowers businesses to achieve unparalleled service excellence. The platform scales to meet the complex business needs of large, multi-site organizations, to optimize workflows across several departments including IT, operations and customer service. Vivantio is a trusted partner offering cost-effective solutions through flexible licensing. For more information, visit

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