Vanity Phone Numbers: How Your Business Can Benefit from Them

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Despite the easy access to social media and company websites, most customers might prefer engaging with businesses via phone. In most cases, this method may be much easier than logging into an app or searching for a company’s page on the internet. Besides that, most clients prefer this option since the response to any query is usually immediate.

Customer phone calls can be highly beneficial to companies. They can help them boost their sales, which may lead to an increase in profitability and ensure growth. However, for businesses to enjoy such benefits from client calls, their telephone numbers must stand out and be memorable.

What Are Vanity Phone Numbers?

A vanity phone number has a sequence of similar or simple digits. Also, it may spell out a phrase or a particular word. Examples can be 1 (888) SHOES, 1-800-GET-LOAN, or (919) 444-4444. Today, most businesses prefer these to the traditional options. It’s because they’re usually customized to become mobile numbers that are easy for customers to remember.

Most companies using vanity phone numbers might also consider Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technologies like Virtual PBX. These allow organizations to communicate with their customers through the internet using VoIP. Usually, the technologies work with existing phones and numbers to connect clients to businesses.

Such systems have auto-attendant, voice mail, limitless call handling, and diverting features in most cases. Since they’re web-connected, employees can communicate with clients from anywhere at any time. This means that businesses can reduce call holds significantly.

Advantages Of Having Vanity Phone Numbers In Your Business

By utilizing VoIP technologies, companies are can easily increase client satisfaction. However, this might not happen if the business doesn’t have a simple phone number that clients can remember. For this reason, most organizations go for a combination of VoIP technologies and vanity cell numbers.

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There are several other benefits a firm can enjoy from having a vanity phone number. Those include the following:

  • They Can Encourage Customer Calls

Recalling business numbers can be challenging for customers since they already have a lot of responsibilities in their hands. In truth, remembering anyone’s number these days is difficult because people have already gotten used to storing such information on their devices instead of memorizing it.

However, since vanity phone numbers are designed with memorable digits, phrases, or words, they’re practically effortless to recall. If clients can remember your company’s contacts, they can reach out to you at any time to order products or make inquiries. As a result, you’re likely to increase customer calls, which can improve your sales and profits.

  • They Will Let You Elevate Your Brand

Vanity phone numbers can also help improve your brand because they make your business look more professional. Most customers know that getting such contacts isn’t free of charge, and in most cases, they associate them with big companies. Therefore, if you’re a startup or a small firm, customers will view your brand as a well-established one.

  • They Can Help Boost Your Revenue

Often, people have limited time to memorize or write down a business’ contacts. In most cases, they’ll be in vehicles rushing to or from work. This means that if your number is on a billboard, they’ll have the least amount of time to note it down somewhere or even recall it. Also, if you’re advertising on television, your commercial might only air for some seconds, which might be too little time for potential clients to commit it to memory.

However, with a vanity phone number, it’s easy for people to recall your contacts. This can be so even if they’re passing by a billboard while inside a vehicle. Also, if they see your commercial on television for only a few seconds, the simplicity of your number will allow them to retain the information right away.

This means that more people can call your firm, and as a result, you could improve your sales and revenue in the long run. In addition, profitability can be enhanced, which would then lead to the growth of your enterprise.


Due to today’s technological improvements, customers can engage with companies via social media and place orders or raise queries on various issues. They can also browse through a firm’s website to find a way to contact them online. However, with those means, it sometimes takes a while to get any replies.

For that reason, most people might prefer having a phone number they can call. This way, it’s much faster to reach one of the company’s agents or representatives and order products or get feedback on inquiries. However, most traditional business numbers have a combination of digits that’s hard to recall. Therefore, unless a customer has written your contacts somewhere, they might consider more easily reachable firms.

Most businesses are now getting vanity phone numbers to correct this issue. These are simpler to recall as they contain a word, a phrase, or a sequence of digits that are catchy or related to the company itself. Having these contact details can be advantageous to your business. They’ll increase customer calls and improve your sales as well. Besides that, they can enhance the credibility and professionalism of your brand.

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