Uberizing the Utilities Sector in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

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Louise Robertson, Global Marketing Director at Localz, examines the impact of the ‘IConomy’ on the customer experience.

We are in the fourth industrial revolution: the IConomy. Everything is digital, on-demand and putting consumers in control.Today’s consumers are becoming accustomed to the customer experiences delivered by the likes of Deliveroo, Amazon Prime and Uber. They want real-time transparency, two-way communication and for services to revolve around their needs. Welcome to customer experience 4.0.

Customer Experience 4.0 

Customer Experience 4.0 is the logical evolution of how we have connected with our customers historically. Translating this evolution into the field services sector:

  • CX 1.0 was an arrival knock on the door from the engineer – no communication at all.

  • CX 2.0 was a direct mail notification of the engineer appointment.

  • CX 3.0 was disconnected SMS and email improved customer communication.

Many field service companies are still struggling to embrace CX version 3.0 even today; such is the current poor state of last mile communications within field service. These methods of communication are already outdated as we move firmly into the fourth iteration of customer expectations of last mile customer communications – real-time mobile experiences.

Our research has found that customers top three demands are:

  • 89% of customers want an ‘uberized’ experience

  • 32% want to be able find live locations on a map

  • 54% want job status notifications

  • 41% of customers want to rate customer service following on from the appointment

Localz is Uberizing Field Services

Localz has helped ‘Uberize’ s enterprises in the utilities industry including, British Gas, Welsh Water, OVO, Rentokil and Autoglass.

Localz’s highly configurable platform has been built from the ground up to help large enterprises solve for the main Day of Service pains and make the day of service awesome. Localz address the needs of the key stakeholders within the last mile chain:

Customers: Can track their engineers arrival times with real-time estimates, geo- triggered automatic email/SMS notifications reducing anxiety calls and improving their happiness with the service.

Technicians: Can provide a consistent and quality service experience without needing to spend precious time stopping to call and receive up to the minute accurate information that assists them in getting the job completed first time, every time.

Office personnel: Gain real time visibility and insight into the performance of their service operations from their desk. They’re able to intervene and communicate from one simple interface and dashboard.

The map keeps updating and breaking geo fences send real-time notification. A typical starting point for Localz customers is to use the simple, useful, real-time Day of Service communications.

Without needing to change anything in the existing business process and workflow, the addition of this layer of smart, location and order-status triggered communications provides immediate business benefits of:

  • Improving first time access rate

  • Reducing expensive calls to contact centres

  • Increasing customer advocacy

HSS “Uberizes” Services with Localz  

Hire companies felt the pressure to meet their on-demand delivery promises. The business of hire is more complex than traditional retail with damaged returns, no access at sites and extended or missing goods impacting the bottom-line.

Using the Localz dashboard its 2,000+ employees, those in the office or mobile in the field can all gain access to an operational dashboard with real-time visibility of jobs. Real-time map tracking  and push notifications keep customers updated on the ETA of their technician.

Customers and technicians can also directly communicate with one another, reducing the number of calls made to contact centres. The mobile worker app allows technicians to upload images or video when completing a job as proof of completion. The app can also be used for vehicle inspection and accident reports.

Dave Raywood, Group Procurement and Marketing Director – HSS Hire commented:

“We have seen a huge impact on our business by communicating more. If we text a customer to let them know what time we will be there and then text them again five minutes before arrival, then the delivery or collection is likely to be much quicker and easier for both parties.

Our drivers are ecstatic. For the first time, customers are actually waiting at the gate for them. That’s never happened before and it means we’re able to collect and deliver more kit to more customers every day.”

About the Author

Louise Robertson is Global Marketing Director at Localz. Localz takes the communication complexity out of on the day service, providing businesses with mobile workforce solutions to deliver a frictionless last mile customer experience. ‘Uberized’ consumers expect real-time transparency and control.

The Localz operational platform enables real-time tracking of the service technician, accurate ETAs and two-way communication. Localz “on my way” messaging increases customer satisfaction and first time access rates. The Localz platform is being used by the RAC, DPD, OVO Energy, Autoglass, Safelite, HSS, Clarion and British Gas.

For more information visit localz.com

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