Top Ways To Keep Your Customer Informed In 2022

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When you launch a new product or service, host an event, or make changes to your business, the first thing you should do is inform your clients and potential customers.

Thanks to existing technology, you can do this in a multitude of ways, and you can pick the one that best suits your needs. For instance, you may want to post about it on social media, send out an email, or print and distribute flyers.

However, the list does not end there. The possibilities are endless.

In this article, we will reveal the nine top ways to keep your customers informed in 2022.

Why should you keep your customer informed?

Before we look at how to inform your customers, it is important to understand why you should do this. Below are some of the most important reasons.

Remain visible to customers

Imagine that a customer purchases your product or service from you once, and they never hear from you again. Over time, the client will forget about your business and won’t buy again, which means you will lose opportunities for sales and loyalty.

That’s why it’s crucial to inform your customers continuously, whether it’s about promotional offers, new features, and so forth.

Increase sales opportunities

Informing customers of promotional offers or sending them discount codes and promo codes will encourage them to buy from you.

As a result, keeping your customers informed about your promotions will improve your sales.

Retain more customers

The more often you update your customer, the stronger your relationship with them will be.

Consequently, your business will experience more sales, as well as a higher rate of returning customers, increasing your business’ loyalty rate, which will ensure steady revenue entry as time progresses.

Increase awareness of your product, service, or company

If you provide your clients and other users with updated information about your product and services, your clients will gain a deep understanding of it.

Other than building loyalty, this also ensures that your customers will act as brand ambassadors for your business, and spread the word about your product or service, resulting in better brand awareness, better positioning of your business, etc.

9 best ways to inform your customers in 2022

As we mentioned in the introduction of this blog post, there are several ways you can inform your customers in 2022. Listed below are some of the most effective and relevant methods.


1. Design and print flyers

Although flyers might seem an old-fashioned, traditional way of informing customers, they are still among the most effective ways to do so.

Flyers are a great way to alert people to a new product launch or an upcoming event, thanks to their ability to catch people’s attention and their flexibility.

It is possible to keep flyers in digital form, or you can print them and put them in shop windows and other places where you will be sure to receive attention from your target audience.

This product’s advantages include its affordability, which accommodates any budget.

There are many websites offering cheap flyer printing services nowadays, including HelloPrint. This means that no matter whether you’re a business or a professional on a tight budget, you can still afford it.

2. Host webinars

As a result of the pandemic, webinars became the newest way of informing users, and this trend will likely continue in 2022 and beyond.

You can use webinars to inform your clients about new features in your product, new services, or upcoming events.

Additionally, webinars are a great way to form closer relationships with your customers, as they give them the opportunity to ask questions in chat or to use microphones to share their opinions, thoughts, or questions with you.

Many platforms allow you to host your webinars, such as Zoom and Livestorm.

3. Plan events on social media

The next time you are hosting an event, whether it is virtual or real, you can let your customers know by setting up an event on social media platforms that allow it, such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

Creating an event allows you to specify what the event is about, and when and where it will take place.

You can use events to promote your event, and to keep your customers up to date with your news, updates, launches, and more.

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4. Use social media to share

You can communicate and inform existing and potential customers through social media, which is a powerful tool for conveying your company’s news.

There are many ways to post and communicate your announcements on social media, and each existing platform offers its own original and unique options.

For example, TikTok allows you to host live sessions, where you can discuss your product, new features, and so forth directly with your followers and users.

As an alternative, you can create a great design for your announcement and post it on your social media accounts, and reshare it multiple times to make sure everyone sees and understands it.

5. Marketing via email and newsletters

Keeping your customers informed with email marketing is another effective way to do so in 2022, and it has been so for many years already.

If you send emails to your clients containing the content you intend to communicate, you ensure they will receive the message in their inboxes and hopefully open and read it.

If you’ve been thinking about this, it is a more targeted way of informing your customers, since you will be able to send your emails only to the people you have in your email list, which are commonly existing clients or people who subscribed to your newsletter.

You can communicate through emails in one go or in series, by sending multiple emails.

There are numerous platforms, such as Mailchimp, that allow you to reach out in many creative ways regardless of how you choose to communicate.

Be sure to follow all the best practices when creating the emails in order to avoid them ending up in spam folders. For example, don’t include too many visuals or links.

6. Utilize SMS marketing

Although sending text messages to mobile devices is a restricted method of communication, as it is possible that not all clients or users will leave their numbers for you, SMS marketing is yet an effective method to keep in mind.

It may be worthwhile to send text messages to customers about promotional offers, new product releases, etc. even if your list of phone numbers is limited.

As a matter of fact, text messaging campaigns have an open rate of 98%, as opposed to 20% for e-mail campaigns.

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7. Publish updates on your websites

Posting updates on your website is another effective way to keep your customers informed in 2022.

You can do so by creating banners or featuring blog posts on the homepage. In particular, this method is handy when you need to inform customers about sales, issues, or new features of your products.

This is especially beneficial if you have a lot of traffic to your website and clients visit it to, for example, use your service, and you know they will see the announcement.

Even though it may not guarantee maximum reach in some instances, it is still a valuable communicative practice to consider.

8. Create a blog

Blogging is a great way of educating and letting customers and users know what services you provide or what products you offer.

Despite not being direct like SMS or email, it is still a practice that many businesses follow with exceptionally high results in terms of onboarding, customer acquisition, and customer retention.

Moreover, running a blog is quite time-consuming, since you must constantly post new articles – and if you do not have the time or the knowledge to do so, a freelancer or employee will be needed.

Despite this, blogs can create a professional, trustworthy image for your business. Plus, it can be combined with other communication mediums, such as emailing your latest blog post to your email subscribers.

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9. Provide online courses

One of the best ways to inform your customers how to use your service or product or its features is to provide them with online courses.

By offering online courses, you can provide education to clients and users, resulting in a better onboarding experience for users and a decrease in churn rates.

The ways in which you can set up an online course are numerous. It is possible to make a long video course or divide it into multiple shorter videos, for example.

Alternatively, you can create a course as text, such as by using a series of articles.


Staying in touch with your customers about product launches, promotions, etc., will help you retain them and strengthen your relationship with them, resulting in increased customer loyalty.

There are multiple ways to keep your customers informed in 2022, as shown throughout this article. It’s up to you to choose the one that suits your preferences or needs, or mix and match several of them.

If you want to read more on the topic, check out this article on how to create a website that informs clients.

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