Top Shopify Customer Support Apps for October 2020

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With keen competition in the eCommerce space, customer service is a top priority. Alon Ghelber looks at some of the top Shopify Customer Support apps available today.

The transition from physical stores to eCommerce was happening at a vigorous pace before the COVID-19 crisis. The pandemic has transformed the choice to shop online into a necessity for many shoppers. Also, interruptions in the supply chain caused by COVID-19-related work interruptions have required more efficient communications between companies and customers.

Customer service is highly influential in purchasing decisions and how strong your sales are may depend on how interactive and personalized your customer service strategy is. Reacting to customer behavior and responding to queries promptly are essential for encouraging sales. Incorporating apps with advanced features into your customer service strategy enhances your brand’s connection to customers and can generate growth.

App by Hubspot

HubSpot lets you take your customer service work with you wherever you go. It is essential to stay connected to your customers, and this convenient app makes it easier to respond to reminders and complete tasks. Take action on leads while they are still warm, close deals with fast email and meeting outreach. HubSpot simplifies and organizes tasks without having to switch tabs.

Communication with your customer service team doesn’t require multiple steps because mobile activity syncs with your Hubspot account, and your team will receive immediate updates. Stay current with your staff’s tasks while giving feedback and making assignments with one click.

  • Instant Access to Contacts Even in Offline Mode
  • HubSpot Keyboard Makes It Easy to Send Sales Assets in Any App
  • Convenient Live Chat
  • Seamless Syncing of Mobile Activity with HubSpot Account
  • Free Download

Provide Support Live Chat by Provide Support

Provide Support Live Chat enables convenient interaction with customers in real-time to create a connection, share information about products, and provide customer support. Features allow you to observe your customer’s movement through the site to gain insight into how visitors use your site and what catches their interest. Provide Support was founded in 2003 and has a proven track record of success with customer service solutions.

Provide Support Live Chat represents significant value with unlimited chats and the same features offered in every type of plan. The app allows the option of embedded or pop-up chat windows, customizable chat buttons, and access permissions and restrictions. View chat statistics to check progress and evaluate chat strategy.

  • Unlimited Number of Chats
  • All Features Included in Any Plan
  • Multiple Domains Support at No Extra Cost
  • Chat Button Customization
  • From $8.5 a Month and Up

Maisie AI eCommerce Chatbots

These days most shoppers expect fast responses to their questions – if they don’t get answers quickly, they’ll click away to a competitor site. However, it’s challenging and expensive to meet these customer demands with human support staff alone.

Maisie’s conversational chatbots reduce your customer support workload and improve your conversion rates by instantly answering customer questions and providing product suggestions 24*7*365.

With Maisie, your customers won’t have to wait for a support team member to reply via live chat or wait days for an email response from your support team. Maisie instantly answers common questions while customers are browsing your website. For unusual or more complex queries, Maisie can hand over to human customer support via live chat, email, or Facebook Messenger.

You can use Maisie to create interactive product recommendation quizzes that help customers find suitable products quickly without them having to navigate around your website.

You can also use Maisie to send an automated abandoned cart, back in stock, and price drop notifications as well as shipping status updates.

Maisie’s chatbots are deeply integrated into Shopify, simple to set-up, and no coding is required.

  • Provide instant answers 24/7 to FAQs
  • Send proactive order & shipping status updates
  • Win back sales from stockouts and abandoned carts
  • From $9 per month based on the number of site visitors

Zendesk Support by Zendesk

Connect through customers in the channel of their choice, support your staff, and answer your visitor’s questions efficiently with Zendesk Support. Customers are often more receptive when they interact where they are the most comfortable, whether it is by phone, chat, email, or social media. Zendesk Support provides all of these options as well as instantly retrievable customer data that will make interacting and answering questions easier.

Customer service is only as good as your support staff. Zendesk provides your support team with all of the information they need to answer customers’ questions and give useful recommendations. Your customers can interact with your staff more quickly with a convenient Zendesk Web Widget on your Shopify store. Your staff can answer all questions without having to leave Zendesk and eliminate wait time.

  • Multiple Channels of Communication Including Phone Chat, Email, and Social Media
  • Instantly Accessible Customer Data
  • Web Widget Works Right on Your Shopify Store
  • Less Context Switching for Greater Productivity
  • Free Installation with Subscription to Zendesk Support Team Plan

Fine-Tuning Customer Service

When customers feel they are heard, they often respond by feeling loyal to a brand. These apps will ensure that you and your customers are on the same page and that they are being listened to. Listening and responding are core features of any successful customer service strategy, and these apps will enhance communication and inspire brand loyalty.

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