5 Best Practices to Improve Customer Service Experience in Ecommerce

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The revenue of most businesses is directly tied to the customer experience. 

That shows that customers value the shopping experience as much as the product’s price. Research shows that most customers are likely to spend more for a better experience.

That’s why every ecommerce business must incorporate practices that will improve the customer service experience. This will help the businesses maintain a large market share. It will also help them grow their brand reputation. Here are five best practices to improve the customer service experience.

Personalize customer service and conversations

Personalizing customer service and conversations improve customer service experience. Tailor your support and service to their exact needs and expectations. If you customize services to meet the demands of every client, you will gain a competitive advantage in the market. And this is the perfect way to gain more sales.

That means you deliver fast. And this makes customers feel more connected and reinforces a sense of satisfaction. You can personalize every conversation with the customers in different ways. Engage with the customers with their basic understanding. Analyze whatever they are talking about before making your point. 

Offer free demonstrations to the customers through a video. Mention some of the supportive customers by their names during the process. Increase the number of customer service representatives. Develop customer profiles on your website. Add a messaging option to talk to each client.

To personalize customer service and conversations through a website, ensure that the UX is great. The conversion rates in the online store should be high. That’s through the use of standard technologies that are available in the market. If your UX is not up to the mark, a web app that serves as both a web page and mobile app across various devices is the best solution. You can use Vue Storefront PWA to give your customers an experience on par with the native apps. That’s applicable if you are using the headless commerce architecture. You can customize the customer service and conversations to meet their needs. This will help you improve the customer experience. 

Build a strong customer service team

Effective customer service teams play a vital role in enhancing your clients’ experience. So, how do you manage to build a strong customer service team? Start by training the existing staff. This will equip them with the skills needed in the current market trends. Services in the ecommerce businesses have changed, and so have the clients’ expectations.

You can also hire an excellent customer service team and create an environment that promotes staff retention. Remember that conversational engagement platforms are only meant to augment human agents. They do not replace them entirely. They help reinforce the services offered.

Software architectures based on headless commerce will help you differentiate the customer experience. The API architecture gives business owners great ability to tailor-made their eCommerce system. They can make it exactly what the clients need. So, ensure that you equip customer service agents with tools to engage customers. It will help them understand their needs.

Make use of key performance indicators

Every business looks forward to improving its performance. But how is this possible? It’s hard without adequate and quality performance information. You can gauge your customer services using key performance indicators. The right performance indicators will help you measure and track customer experience.

This helps to understand how you can tie consumer experience to business success. You will also learn how clients’ interactions change over time. Some key performance indicators include the customers’ rate of return. The revenue generated per the customer and the net promoter score.

The customer return rate reflects the success of the strategies applied. How have you enhanced customer service in your ecommerce business? If the customers enjoy the services provided, they are likely to return more to the business. Revenue generated per customer ties the client’s experience to the goal of the business. The net promoter score reflects the customer’s experience of the ecommerce business.

Collect and act on customer feedback

Is there a better way to understand how customers feel about your product than using their feedback? Customer feedback helps you gauge the quality of the services you are offering. You will also understand your consumer needs, pain points and challenges. It also helps to identify shoppers’ positive and negative experiences.

When customers are asked for feedback, they feel valued. This helps to build more trust among them. To get quality feedback, put in place intuitive ways to communicate with the clients. Ensure that you provide actionable insights to every customer care agent. There are several ways you can collect customer feedback to ensure that your ecommerce business runs smoothly.

You can send customer satisfaction surveys online or organize feedback focus groups. Build an online community for the customers and read reviews from third-party review sites. After gathering the correct information, then act on it. You can switch to headless commerce architecture and work with modern frameworks. This way, you build fronted layers that allow improved performance and deliver a better user experience.

Providing consistent cross-channel experience

When doing an ecommerce business, you have to work with several channels. These channels must coordinate to achieve the company’s goal. A consistent cross-channel experience strategy promotes consistent customer support across all the channels. In this case, you must ensure that the clients can switch between web chat or social media. Still, ensure they can switch to SMS without service interruptions. Is this not a better way to get things moving smoothly?

It ensures that the customers get quick responses to their needs. And this will automatically translate to improved brand reputation and trust. There are several ways to implement a cross-channel experience. Ensure that the customers can reach the customer care representatives offline. It’s all about your availability.

Ensure seamless transition when moving the clients from one call to another. Decoupling headless commerce will allow you to blend different content and commerce. That’s for an improved digital experience that drives more customer engagement. Respond on time to the customer queries on every channel. Give practical and easy solutions.


There is no better way to get more sales than improving the customer service experience in an ecommerce business. Customers are the backbone of every ecommerce business. Without them, all these businesses will just fail. The five practices mentioned above will guide you on quickly improving the customer service experience. Each of them is equally important for your business. That’s why you should put into place several strategic methods  to achieve quality results.

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