Top 5 Ways Employers can Show their Teams they Matter

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Most employers and HR reps know that a happy employee is a productive employee.

However, keeping team members happy isn’t always easy for those making the tough directional decisions being at the helm of a business requires. Jenny Q. Ta, CEO of social networthing platform Sqeeqee Inc, would like to share her top 5 ways employers can show their teams they matter.

1. Show Respect

This one is simple. Nobody enjoys having themselves or their work degraded. Treat your employees as the hardworking and successful people they are. Make sure that criticism is always constructive and not multious. You can only receive respect once you have given it out and a respected employee feels they are contributing to the mission of the company and not just completing the next task in line.

2. Don’t Procrastinate

Your work is the driving force behind the whole company and it makes it difficult for your employees to advance any further than you yourself. Get your work done early to lay the effective ground work for your staff and set the example. Even if this means working overtime for you, it will result in far more productive time spent by your team.

3. Take Care of Yourself

A ship is nothing without its captain and a company is no different. It is exceptionally hard to lead when you are feeling rundown. When you aren’t at your best your decision making suffers, take some time each day and work on your health, both mental and physical.

4. Handle Money Wisely

When a business fails it can usually be attributed to poor money management. demonstrate to your team that you take the work seriously and that every penny is well spent to help the company and its members succeed.

5. Be Cautious of Outsiders

It is dangerous for a business to be too trusting of new faces. Especially when a business is small, the success of the whole operation comes down to the individual skills and actions of just a few people. Show your team that you value what you have built together and make those on the outside earn your trust before giving them too much control.

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Jenny Q. Ta, CEO of social networthing platform Sqeeqee Inc,

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