Top 5 Salon Customer Service Tips

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Salon customer service is one of the most important parts of running a successful business. It’s an important factor customers pay attention to when assessing your salon. It will distinguish run of the mill businesses from exceptional ones.

Customer service in the salon starts from the moment the customer sets foot at your doorstep. So, if you want to improve your client service and impress your clients, here are some good customer service examples for salon. Let’s get right into it.

Why is Salon Customer Service Important?

Salon customer service is very important because it’s one of the main determining factors in how others will perceive your business. It is what separates good service from impressive service. Salon and spa are places for relaxation. People come there to pamper themselves, improve their mood, and simply feet better both from the outside and inside, so they expect a good customer experience.

Happy clients will return to you for additional services, but they will also leave positive reviews and recommend your salon to other people. This will bring in even more customers.

A good example of great customer service is NovuSkin med spa. They offer an outstanding salon customer experience, which is why they boast great business reviews and their salon is blooming. Their employees follow specific customer service salon rules to ensure that all customers feel superior while being treated by their staff.

On the other hand, if a salon doesn’t pay too much attention to customer service, then you won’t have many returning customers. No one wants to get out of a salon annoyed and dissatisfied, regardless of how great you think your service is. They came to your salon to enjoy themselves and not be treated like they’re an interruption to your day.

So, if you’re ready to up your customer service game, impress your existing clients, and bring in a bunch of new clients, here are our top tips.


If you want to provide your clients with exceptional experience, make sure to always smile. It’s amazing how far a smile and a happy face can get you. It inspires warmth and it will automatically make your clients feel at home.

Exceptional customer service starts from the moment your clients steps into your salon. If you greet them with a warm smile, they will immediately feel the positive energy and become more relaxed. They will have more trust in you and your service. Moreover, make sure to make frequent eye contact with your customer, this also inspires trust and makes your customers feel more comfortable.

Say Your Guest’s Name

Every client service manager knows well that saying your customer’s name is an important part of salon culture. First and foremost, this personalizes the whole experience. Your customers won’t feel like a number. Instead, they will feel like a valuable member of your community. Using their name inspires trust and friendliness, which is always a desirable quality in a salon.

It also shows that you care because you remembered their name. On the other hand, if you don’t use their name, the whole experience will be less personal and they will feel like they’re only a part of the statistics. This simple tip can make or break the whole customer experience for your clients.

Offer Referral Programs

Loyalty programs are another smart way to inspire your customers to refer your salon to their friends and bring in more customers. Loyalty programs automatically turn your customers into promoters. This customer service trick will help you save some money on marketing because they’re no better way to promote a product or service than a word of mouth.

You can customize your referral and loyalty program however you’d like. You can offer free services, great discounts, and other perks that will inspire them to invite their friends and family to come to your salon.

If you want to make the experience even more personalized, create beautiful loyalty cards with their names.

Collect Personal Information

To retain clients and improve your marketing communications, don’t be afraid to collect personal information. You can use their personal information to customize your service, send promotional emails and flyers, but also to remind them of your existence. Just make sure to follow the latest data privacy rules and regulations.

For example, when a customer’s birthday comes up, you can send a message or email congratulating them along with a 20% services and products discount code. Not only will this inspire them to come back to your salon, but it will also make them feel like you care. Or, if they haven’t booked another appointment in a while, you can send a ‘’we miss you’’ message which will make them feel wanted, which is why they will likely return to your salon.

Always Remind Them About Appointments

Missed appointments can cost a lot of money. Since someone has already booked that particular timeslot and never arrived, now you don’t’ have the time to fit another client in, which directly results in money loss. If you want to provide your clients with a unique salon service, always send out appointment reminders.

An additional benefit of employing this customer service action is that your customers will feel like you care about their appointments and schedule, which is always appreciated.


Offering exceptional salon customer service will make your business bloom. It’s probably one of the most important reasons why customers return to your salon to book additional services or even refer their friends and family. Have you ever wondered why celebrity salons are so popular and can slide by with charging insane prices? It’s because they offer superb customer experience. Here’s an extra tip – for new customers, create a small welcome basket with a couple of samples and brochures – this is how your turn them into regulars.

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