4 Perks You Can Offer Your Customer Service Personnel

Customer service assistant

Customer service employees ensure that customers are satisfied after the initial transaction, which may be a difficult task if there are product or payment difficulties. The work requires devotion, but enthusiasm for the job can decrease with time.

One idea is to offer incentives to your personnel during busy customer service seasons. Employees can also be rewarded for saving the company money and delivering excellent service, and incentives demonstrate the company’s appreciation for dedicated employees. With that in mind, below are four more perks you can offer your customer service personnel.

Self-Improvement Opportunities

At the end of the day, what some people are most interested in is the chance to develop new skills and competencies. This could be in the realm of better financial literacy in the realm of personal finance or leadership and management skills that better position them for a promotion. If you give people a chance to grow and develop both personally and professionally while working for you, they are more likely to work hard and stick around long term.

Monthly Recognition

Everyone enjoys receiving praise and recognition as motivators. Doing things like hanging a bulletin board and a photo frame in your small business or department and choosing a customer service champion to honour for a specific amount of time can go a long way. When choosing the winner, consider characteristics such as a large number of positive customer comments, strong sales and diplomacy skills, or a friendly attitude.

Announce the monthly winner at the start of the workday and display his or her image in a prominent location. You can also post messages from customers and employees on the board next to the photos throughout the month. Give the worker all of the notes at the end of the month and let them take home the evidence of their hard work.

Quarterly Bonuses

For customer service employees, a little additional money in the paycheck is a terrific motivation. Bonuses typically range from 8% to 12% of a customer service rep’s base pay. Incentives can be given to top performers or someone who is singled out by their colleagues for recognition. For example, bonuses might be given for answering the most customer calls or responding to the most emails. Set a clear target or objective and reward every employee who meets it if your company or department can afford it.

VIP Breaks

In a customer care department, break time is a time to emotionally and physically rejuvenate. Hand massages or access to a VIP break room, for example, might be used to reward top performers. Organize a special lunch with a local chef or invite your best performers to a monthly power lunch.

Give incentives that blend appreciation with modest goodies to make breaks and meals more enjoyable. Distribute individualized thank-you letters or pay individual visits to thank representatives for their dedication to the company. Everyone deserves to be rewarded for their kindness and gratitude.


Your customer service personnel can make or break your business success, so it pays to keep them happy. The above perks are just some of the ways you can show customer service reps you care and keep them engaged and content with their jobs.

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