Three Tech Advancements That Have Had Huge Impacts on Customer Service

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Technology is playing a big part in how we can communicate with companies on a day-to-day basis, with tech playing a big role in ensuring that communication is now as straightforward as ever.

There have never been more ways to speak to customer support teams, and the advancements that have been made in tech have had a huge role in that.

The growing number of ways to communicate has had an excellent impression on consumers, as it means that it is now easier than ever to get answers to questions; meaning that customer satisfaction with companies is growing with every passing month. But, what are some of the most notable tech advancements that have had a big role in enhancing the experience of customer service?

Live Chat

One of the most impressive pieces of technology that has enabled customers to have unrivalled experiences when speaking to customer care has been the addition of the live chat feature. This is a platform that has been integrated into all of the biggest websites of companies, with customers able to speak directly to operators at gas and electric companies such as British Gas, as well as asking questions to customer service agents at websites such as car insurance companies and retailers.

One sector where the live chat has really stood out is in the online gaming world. Huge gaming company Betway, which enables bets to be placed on roulette and blackjack, has offered a live chat feature for a number of years. Live chat features are always encrypted, which means that all information shared with operators is safe away from the threat of hackers. Security is one of the biggest reasons behind its success, and consumers can rest easy speaking on a live chat knowing that their accounts aren’t in any danger.

Social Media

There is no denying that the importance of social media in business is reaching new heights with every passing year. Social media is now an effective tool for businesses to use when it comes to advertising, but it is also an effective way to help out customers should they need assistance. All leading companies now offer a social media channel to their consumers, with this now being used as an effective customer care channel. Sites such as Facebook and Twitter also show users the last time that the account was active, and also identifies how frequent the business is on their social media channels.

One-to-one customer service is something that all businesses should aim for, and adding a social media channel certainly offers an excellent route for consumers, given that the majority of people now operate on a daily basis on social media. The added importance of at least one social media channel is extremely evident with some of the leading sites, as this will be more accessible than being able to find an email address or a form to complete for assistance. Most companies will pin links to their social channels at the top or bottom of their page; making it easier than ever for customers to get assistance.

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Self-Service Channels

It isn’t much of a surprise given the impacts of COVID-19 that not all consumers want to speak directly with a company. Instead, they will be keen to find answers for themselves about the business that they are dealing with. Recent research has suggested that there is a growing number of people looking to find answers for themselves, and will only speak to a customer care team member if they really need to. This is one of the biggest changes in the sector in years, as customers are most interested in service tools that they can operate themselves to find answers to their queries.

One of the most popular methods that customers use to get answers to their questions is an FAQ section on a company’s website. This section will be able to be found on all leading sites these days, as it will be the first port of call for customers to get answers to any minor questions. As well as this, research has also found that knowledge bases have also become very popular among the consumers. It is extremely rare to come across a site in this modern era without at least an FAQ section, as it will show customers that companies care about a customer support channel. If anything, not having an FAQ section will put off customers from signing up for the product that they are looking at regardless of the other channels that are available. Not having at least an FAQ section would be deeply damaging to any potential site looking to gain business from a consumer.

What Does The Future Look Like?

The future of customer service is constantly changing, which means that it will look completely different in ten years’ time. One way that we could see it changing in the future may be with an increased number of face-to-face channels available, which will give the consumer an opportunity to actually speak face-to-face to a person rather than just over the phone.

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