Three Must-Have Tools for Every Academic Essay Writer

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There are various reasons that prevent people from writing perfect papers. Some find it difficult to pour out their thoughts on paper. Some have trouble formulating the main idea, the main argument of the paper. Also, regardless of whether you are a regular student or earn money by writing essays for others, you may find the whole process way too tedious.

And that’s why you should look for tools that will help you. When you google the must-have tools for an, most likely, you’re going to run into a set of things that you’re already well acquainted with. Generally, those lists include:

  • Grammarly;
  • Word counting tools;
  • Plagiarism checker.

The items on the list may change. For example, instead of Grammarly, you will have LanguageTool. But everything else remains the same. Who needs word counting tools when most word processors have in-built tools like that?

And while items on those lists can be useful, they don’t address the actual needs of an academic essay writer when you ask: “write my annotated bibliography”. So, let’s have a look at something different.


Now, ask yourself, what is the hardest thing about writing? Is it gathering the information? No, especially when you start gathering the materials right after you get the assignment. Besides, the Internet makes things much easier. Is it picking up the right words? Only if you’re suffering through writer’s block — some authors doubt that such a thing exists — or writing is just not your thing.

None of those things can be considered a real problem if you’re a skilled writer. The thing that really makes the writing process tedious is trying to avoid distractions. Some writers prefer working in dead silence, while others can’t focus without music or TV series playing in the background. But none of it guarantees safety from distractions.

You’re working on your laptop; thus, the chances that you get distracted are quite high. Suddenly, you wonder about the etymology of the word, and you fail to notice how an hour has passed while figuring out how it drifted from Old High German to English. Gladly, there’s software that can help you.

FocusWriter offers a distraction-free environment for your writing process. It provides you with a hideaway interface, so you can concentrate on your work.

In FocusWriter, you can set daily goals, use customized interfaces, and utilize timers. Aside from that, the software offers live statistics, optional typewriter sound, and spell-checking tools. Moreover, FocusWriter supports over twenty languages.


Another important thing about writing is making notes. You may have a particular idea, but you’re not sure you can develop it further right now. The most logical thing would be to make some notes about your idea and save it for later. Sometimes, you see or hear something that can inspire your further work. And it’s better when all those idea-related things are saved in one place.

You can achieve all that by using Evernote. The app is designed for creating notes, but not simple text notes. You can add video and audio files to your notes. Include photos and any web content that may relate to your paper. Save quotes, videos, audio, and photos that can be useful for your paper throughout the day. Then, just come back home, check out your notes, and start working on your essay.

Evernote helps greatly with organizing your writing process. You no longer have to write down your notes with ink and paper. And you don’t have to wonder where to save that video or audio that you find crucial for your paper. Then, open FocusWriter and finish your work without distraction.

LibreOffice Writer or Google Docs

Regardless of whether you’re just a student struggling with an essay or a professional writer working for one of the dissertation writing services, you may need alternatives to Pages or Microsoft Word. If you feel comfortable writing online, you can always opt for Google Docs. It offers a set of fonts, word counting tools, and downloading files in several formats, including Word, PDF, RTF, and others.

Another option is LibreOffice, which offers the same features and is absolutely free. However, LibreOffice Writer’s interface remains that of Microsoft Word, which makes it — depending on your taste — a bit less user-friendly than Google Docs.

Live statistics, on the other hand, is better in LibreOffice Writer, as it is always on and shows you both the number of words and characters simultaneously. Professional writers love it for that, as sometimes their task requires a certain amount of words or characters.

Final Thoughts

Here are the tools that will help you write effectively. Of course, there are additional apps that can come in handy. For example, the Hemingway App allows you to check the readability of the text. But the three tools listed above will enable you to take all the necessary notes, write without distraction, and make sure you’ve reached the necessary number of words or characters.

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