Things Customers May Not Know About the Zantac Lawsuit

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Have you ever used Zantac to treat your heartburn? Well, the popular drug has some controversies which you need to know about. The drug, together with ranitidine, which shares the same ingredients, treats heartburn disorder. Zantac Lawsuit is among the prevalent lawsuits in the world. It emerged after patients claimed the drug, Zantac, caused cancer and other related conditions. These cancer types include esophagus, lung, and throat, and stomach cancer. Other people claimed to suffer from leukemia. If you use this drug or you have a loved one using this drug, there are things you need to know about Zantac Lawsuit. Here is some information about Zantac Lawsuit.

The Basis of Zantac Lawsuit

The Zantac lawsuit didn’t arise anyhow around the world. There are reasons behind it, as most people complained of the Zantac drug and its side effects. There are claims that Zantac and ranitidine drugs caused cancer in most people. The affected individuals wanted compensation for this damage. According to research done, some components of these drugs proved to cause cancer. Among the chemicals present in the drug, n-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA), a hepatotoxic chemical, has some harmful effects on the human body. These effects include stomach cancer, bladder cancer, liver fibrosis, and tumors in the lungs, kidneys, and liver. The NDMA chemical gets classified as a carcinogenic substance by the world health organization. All these effects made people file lawsuits against the drug manufacturer.

Recourse after getting affected by Zantac Intake

If previously you had the Zantac drug to treat heartburn or any other ailment, you need to get checked. You should also take caution if feeling unwell after taking the drug. The checking will determine if the ill-effect is caused by the Zantac drug or something else. If your worries get confirmed, the law gives you recourse. You will need to find a Zantac attorney who will guide you through the process. The attorney has in-depth knowledge of the case and has the required expertise to handle your case until compensated for the damages caused by the drug. It would be best to test every family member and see who got affected by the drug. Through this, you will file a joint case that will see everyone get compensated for the damages.

Do I need to discard the drugs?

After finding these effects, many patients’ primary concern is whether to continue using Zantac or stop and discard it. It would be best if you didn’t decide on this issue independently. First, it’s essential to get a thorough checkup by your doctor, who will advise whether to continue using the drug or stop it. Your doctor may opt to offer you some safe medications as they continue monitoring the situation. They will give you medicines that do not contain any traces of the NDMA component. According to experts, the Zantac or ranitidine drug is not safe for long-term human consumption. When the doctor fails to stop you from using the drug, you can make a prudent choice of not using the drug and have a thorough checkup to determine its side effects.

Types of settlements you can gain from the Zantac lawsuit

Besides seeking compensation for damages caused by taking the Zantac or ranitidine drug, you will want to know the gains from this lawsuit. If the doctor finds out you have cancer caused by these drugs, you can file for the below charges:

  • Punitive damages
  • Physical and mental pain and suffering during and after using the drug
  • Loss of life enjoyment due to the side effects
  • Medical expenses resulting from the diseases, conditions, and injuries from the drug
  • Compensation for the loss of income, caused by the side effects of the drug

If you do not have cancer but have used the drug, you can file for a class-action lawsuit. This claim helps you recover the money you have used to purchase the drug and the inconveniences it caused. Here, you will sue the company for producing a drug with high levels of NDMA, future consumer protection, and the company not having the right labeling on its drugs.

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Is it expensive to hire an attorney?

If you want to file for a Zantac lawsuit, attorneys will help you carry out the process without paying them upfront. Some of these attorneys will charge you after winning the case against the drug manufacturer. The lawyers will charge you a contingency fee, where you pay them after getting satisfied with the process and the compensation made.

If you have taken the Zantac or ranitidine drug and are not feeling okay, you don’t have to continue suffering without recourse. Seek medicinal inspection and get tested for the effects of the drug. If found to have cancer or other effects, get an attorney and file a lawsuit to compensate.


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