The Remote Worker Guide: How to Improve Productivity and Organisation

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One of the biggest changes to come out of the pandemic is the introduction of remote work. Although some businesses already offered remote or hybrid work to their employees, it was quite uncommon for businesses to operate in a fully remote way. However, nowadays this has completely shifted, and more businesses than ever offer some form of remote work. This acceptance of remote work was something that was forced onto many businesses, however, as time as gone on, many businesses are starting to see the benefits of operating as a remote company.

If you are used to working from an office, it can be a big adjustment when you start a remote job. However, thankfully, there are tips and tricks that remote workers can use to stay productive and organised when they are working from home. In this article, we will go over some of our top tips for remote workers that can help you stay motivated while working from your home office. Keep on reading to find out more!

Ensure You Can Access Everything From Home

One issue that often occurs with remote workers is that they are unable to access their files and documents from home. This can cause real problems for businesses as it means that employees are unable to stay productive when they are working from home. Therefore, it is so important that you are able to access everything you need as a remote worker. It is the duty of your workplace to ensure that remote workers are able to have access to files etc., so they may already have a system in place that will allow remote workers to stay connected.

One popular remote software solution is Citrix, which is software that provides remote desktop access, and while it is useful software, it can be a little pricey. Therefore, it would be a good idea for your business to find an alternative to Citrix, that works just as well, but is more budget friendly. The ideal Citrix alternative is TSplus, as this is not only more affordable, but it is less complex to use, therefore is accessible to a wider range of people. If your business is struggling to find a good remote software solution, then TSplus could be a worthy investment.

Have A Designated Work Area

When it comes to working from home, one of the best things you can do to help your productivity and organisation is to have a designated work area. Much like you would have your own personal desk in an office, it is important that you have your own workstation within your home. If you have a spare bedroom in your home, then this would be the perfect place for your home office. With the space of a spare room, you can create a nice home office for yourself and kit it out with everything you need.

However, if you are not lucky enough to have a spare room, then you could instead find a corner or a cosy nook to create your work from home space. Invest in a good quality desk as well as a comfortable chair, so that your back can be supported throughout the day. Although desk chairs can get a little pricey, it is better to spend some extra money on one as it will ensure you are comfortable while working. Alternatively, if you are into fitness and staying healthy, you could invest in a standing desk, so, you can stay active while you are working.

Create A Work From Home Schedule

Another important thing you can to do help you improve productivity and organisation as a remote worker is to create a proper work schedule. When you are working from an office, your work schedule is usually already decided for you, meaning you have a set working hours. While some businesses will still operate the same when working remotely, often, they will allow you to create your own work schedule, so long as you do 8 hours a day. While this does provide you with an enormous amount of freedom, it can sometimes be difficult adjusting to this new way of working.

The best thing you can do as a remote worker is to create a strict work schedule and actually stick to it. This means, starting work at the same time every day, as well as finishing at the same time. When you are working from home, sometimes it can be difficult to shut off once your working hours are over, and you may be tempted to continue working into the evening. However, it is so important that you stick to your schedule as this will help you avoid getting burnt out. Once your working day is over, switch off your laptop and remove yourself from your workstation.

Communicate With Your Colleagues

While some people love the freedom that comes with working from home, other people can find the remote working life a little isolating. Working from your home does mean that you are away from your colleagues, which can have a negative impact on productivity. When you are working from an office, it is really easy to pop over to your colleague’s desk when you have a question or catch up with them at lunch time, but this is more difficult as a remote worker. However, if your business uses things like Slack or Microsoft teams, then you are still able to chat to your colleagues and ask any questions when you need to.

Being able to properly communicate with the people you work with is so important, especially for remote workers. Take full advantage of whatever communicative platform you have within your job and stay connected to the people that matter. Whether you need to collaborate with a colleague on a project or you just want a quick casual chat, it is important that you are able to communicate with your team. You could even host some weekly meetings, as this will give you a chance to catch up with everyone. Your colleagues may be feeling the same way too, so don’t forget to reach out and lend an ear.

Use Technology To Your Advantage

Remote work is only possible because of the amazing technology we now have access to. Without the great software and business tech we have, remote work would not be nearly as successful, so it is important that you take full advantage of this technology when working from home. Not only should you embrace all of the tech your company offers, but you should also look into tech that can help you on a personal level.

If you are someone who gets easily distracted or you have a hard time concentrating on work, then it could be beneficial to invest in some noise-cancelling headphones. With this type of headphones, you are able to block out any distracting noises that may be present in your home and it can help you remain focused on your work. Additionally, if you work from a laptop, then you may want to consider buying an ergonomic Bluetooth keyboard, as these can be much more comfortable to type on and it can prevent you from getting continuous wrist pain or carpal tunnel.

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