The Real Customer Service

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We all know what customer service is. But do we know what “real” customer service is and why it is important? 

Customer service is not merely keeping the customer satisfied; it is keeping the customer delighted. It is not enough to have a satisfied customer, he/she should be ecstatic for doing business with you. This is, in my opinion “real” customer service.

Going Beyond products

Customer service should go beyond products. Consider this quote that I heard years ago “Selling desert sand to bedwins is good sales, making them ask for more; well, that’s excellent customer service.” In today’s volatile business world and challenging economy, retaining customers is critical to our success. Customers have choices and if we don’t give customers some good reasons to stay, competitors will give them a reason to leave.

Some Facts and Figures

It’s far less expensive to cultivate an existing customer base and sell more services to them than it is to seek new ones. Did you know that the average organization loses 50% of its customers every five years; and the cost of replacing them can be six to seven times more expensive than winning them in the first place. (Harvard Business Review).

Studies have proven that a mere 5% increase in customer retention can result in profit increases of at least 20% (and as much as 80%) for most businesses or, that repeat customers spend an average of 67% more than new customers. Additionally, after 10 purchases, a customer may have referred as many as 7 people.

In summary, “real” customer service can increase customer retention and satisfaction and most importantly, drive profits.

About the Author

Naseer Halasa is currently a Managing Partner at Print Time Printing Press.

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