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How can you communicate your company’s vision effectively so your employees deliver the highest level of service?

Clean Sweep

While actions speak louder than words, the right words at the right time can work wonders.

Last month, I was working on a complex project and needed some seclusion, a break from the office and the interruptions.

I had my laptop and a stack of books laid out across a table in a local coffee house; and although I was focused on my work, I couldn’t help but overhear the conversation at the booth just behind me.

It was an interview for a job cleaning houses. Normally I would have ignored the conversation. But the owner of the business was doing such an extraordinary job explaining her expectations for the position and her reasons for having them that I found myself totally engrossed. These were some of the comments I overheard:

“Most of the business we get is from people who were dissatisfied with their previous cleaning service, and heard about us from a friend.”

“The houses we clean are like our own houses. We don’t just drag a cloth over the shelves, we pick up the items and clean under them.”

“We follow the checklist, but that doesn’t limit you to what’s on it. If you see
something that needs attention, take care of it.”

It went on for about ten minutes like this, with a level of enthusiasm I hadn’t heard for some time. Finally, the owner asked the applicant to take a minute and fill out an the application. While she did this, I introduced myself to the owner and asked her for her card. I explained that I had overheard most of the conversation, and it was the most effective sales pitch I had ever experienced.

How does this apply in your situation? A shared vision, clearly communicated, can do more for the success of an organization than any cheer leading or clever posters hung on the wall. People will align themselves in the presence of a compelling vision and will respond with their best effort.

Make sure your organization’s vision is clear and that you are communicating it passionately with your words and your actions!

About the Author

Ron Kaufman is an internationally acclaimed educator for quality service. He is author of the bestselling series “UP Your Service!” and founder of “UP Your Service College”.

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