The Popularity of Esports in 2021: Dota 2 for Aussies

Dota 2 live event

Without a doubt, Dota 2 is one of the pioneers in the world of entertaining and professional gaming. With the course of time, new games and activities emerge, which can’t help but lead to certain updates in the so-called ranking of popular esports. With the help of Dota 2 betting sites, interested parties can easier track what is going on in this industry (even if you aren’t going to place a bet).

When it comes to Dota 2, it seems different for players, depending on their skills, knowledge, and experience. That is a natural thing, but there are also national peculiarities that define how popular this or that activity is. Let’s check whether Aussies like to spend time playing Dota 2.

General Reasoning

In the universe of multiplayer online battles, Dota 2 has achieved the title of one of the most famous and attractive solutions. Thanks to designers’ and developers’ efforts, this activity still remains highly potential and promising for end users. Even though it frequently is perceived as something intimidating for novice players, it is easier to achieve desired professionalism and knowledge. Here are some major reasons why Dota 2 is popular and cultivated in the first place:

  • Team game — in terms of internet-based socializing, this esports is one of the best cases. Team games allow enthusiasts to play together with their friends and find new opponents not only within their region — there are no borders for esports. At the same time, Dota 2 is pretty demanding in terms of tactics and strategies, so you won’t decrease your mental skills by playing it. On the contrary, it will help you improve your character development.
  • Competitiveness — thanks to its popularity, this game offers great opportunities for interested parties to compete. There are several tournaments to participate in, and esports represent favorable membership conditions and requirements. The International is definitely the most famous championship in the field. It gathers millions of people, from enthusiasts that are engaged in betting to analysts and esports reviewers. What is more, the International (especially the last tournament) can boast of having the biggest prize pool for teams. The number of teams to join the competition equals eighteen. Originally, it was only about sixteen squads competing against each other.
  • Spectacular sports — due to the International, people are aware of how picturesque battles on the Dota 2 arena can be. The gameplay is unique, and graphics and visual/sound effects are also second to none. These simple details that are must-have elements for any new developer are among the reasons why Dota 2 is more than just a survivor among other MOBA activities. If you don’t have enough skills to join major tournaments, watching professional teams and players will teach you a lot. A professional organization and business approach to Dota 2 the International fuels the overall industry success.
  • Complex universe — experienced players can only confirm that the plot and the story behind the gameplay aren’t less important for the target audience. These are details that help people get attracted to esports. As a derived element from Warcraft, several elements between two major giants in the industry are interconnected. It is a mistake to consider Dota 2 a part of Warcraft or its copy, but it has definitely influenced the style and vibe of the analyzed game. Playing Dota 2, an enthusiast is welcome to play one out of over one hundred heroes, and it surely leaves enough room for further development in the game. It also keeps players’ interest in the activity at the desired level for brands and Dota 2 participants.

Dota 2 Statistics

If you check the data provided by researchers and statistics experts, you will see an interesting fact proved. People consider Dota 2 popular, but it also shows a high entry-level for beginner players. According to official sources, it is mostly played in such countries as China, Russia, the United States, and Ukraine. Australians also like this activity, but it is not the best esports in their minds.

Some Aussies mention their queuing up takes at least ten minutes at peak times, and this factor shows how intense battles on the local servers are from time to time.

Still, a certain increase in the number of its fans has been monitored since 2019. The reason for that is pretty obvious — when people’s environment and circumstances make them spend more time at home, it opens new horizons in exploring the game universe. Sometimes, the number of new gamers is really skyrocketing and easily exceeds one million novice participants.

It doesn’t mean Dota 2 is non-vulnerable to changes. As practice shows, there are really few competitors to it among other MOBA battle solutions. Modern tendencies show that people are more interested in mobile games in 2021, so the increase in Dota 2 popularity isn’t as high as expected originally.

The Final Verdict

Ups and downs are natural, but Dota 2 seems to survive even more complicated challenges than the advancement of new gaming solutions and an outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. Dota 2 offers jobs for gamers, managers, analysts, bookmakers, etc. The chances it will suddenly be beaten by other alternative games are actually non-existing. It will remain a global attraction for hundreds and millions of fans around the globe.

Developers are interested in maintaining its success, so releases and updates turn out to be prominent and for the better after all. If any issues occur, troubleshooting is excellent. All in all, it is not less captivating to track this esports development and interconnections with related fields than being a direct match participant. Just choose which role suits your mood today and spend a wonderful day in Australia.

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