The Evolving Role of BPOs in a Time of Uncertainty

Karl Brough, General Manager, U.K. and South Africa, Foundever

Karl Brough, General Manager for the U.K. and South Africa at Foundever, explains why a strong BPO partnership is integral to success.

Over the past 30 years, there’s been a significant evolution in client and customer needs and as we approach 2024, it is apparent to all industry leaders that our role as outsourcers has become one of a trusted partner to companies. As such, BPOs should see themselves as partners that offer choice and allow organisations to deftly circumvent market challenges and optimise return on investment.

Now more than ever, a strong partnership, rather than a supplier relationship, is integral to the success of the client, BPO and crucially to those loyal customers who are at the forefront of growth and financial stability. With that in mind, it is the main duty of CX providers to support strategic goals and also provide agile, tactical solutions.

A partner-based approach provides choices to clients to navigate volatile market conditions, namely seen in the utility sector. A BPO partner has a deep understanding of market regulation and can facilitate fast best-practice responses to Ofgem regulations and market needs. As a partner, a BPO can efficiently support the reduction in complaint backlogs, combining human and AI support. Utility organisations can use this to facilitate proactive communications with customers to ensure they have the best deal. The partner approach allows for access to resources and technology in a way that ensures vulnerable customers, peaks in demand and out-of-hours coverage is delivered efficiently and effectively. Providing this ability (and choice) can allow in-house operations to focus on core strategic activity and relieve pressure on core staff.

As a partner, it is our responsibility to listen, understand and proactively take a role in achieving our clients’ goals. The global choice BPOs offer to clients ensures fully informed decisions can be made on delivery location, with countries such as South Africa offering a highly empathetic, culturally aligned and cost-effective option. Being able to combine the right delivery location, with access to the right technology stack and extensive system integration is often an imperative factor in achieving customer experience and financial goals.

According to our company’s “CX Landscape 2022: Evolution or Revolution?” study, 78% of consumers will leave a brand after one bad experience. Therefore, in current global conditions, the need to attract, retain and optimise customer revenue through providing a high level of customer service is vital. From utilities to retail, banking to telecoms we provide our clients with choice and the ability to be where their customers are, in the moments that matter.

About the Author

Karl Brough is the General Manager for the U.K. and South Africa at Foundever. With a career spanning over 30 years, his expertise and leadership have been instrumental in driving the success of Foundever in the U.K. since assuming the role of General Manager in 2012.

Under Karl’s guidance, his team plays a crucial role in supporting the wider business and fostering a culture of excellence, with a high-performing workforce dedicated to delivering exceptional results. Also, under his vision and leadership, Foundever is a trusted partner for businesses seeking top-tier customer experience solutions in the U.K. and South Africa.

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