10 Ways New Companies Can Build Brand Trust in 2022

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For new and developing companies, reputation is the ultimate goal. Budding firms must instill a sense of trust in their customers.

The stakes have risen and to remain in the game, retaining and attracting new customers through the ability to deliver on a promise is crucial.

Businesses must integrate authenticity and ensure their brand’s voice addresses customers directly. Reviews gathered by an online review manager and customer feedback must be considered and responded to promptly.

New companies can take advantage of these ten detailed tips on how to build brand trust:

What Is Brand Trust?

Companies are faced with this question, but what is brand trust really? And how can we develop a lasting relationship with consumers? The below definition should clarify.

Brand trust is customers’ confidence in a business to deliver on its promises. It is the integrity earned when companies ensure the demand of their target market is consistently met.

1. Tell a Product’s Story

A simple reason why we are here, or a product story can help new businesses build brand trust. Telling your story allows consumers to relate to your brand and see themselves as part of its growth. Often, this simple trick can be the stepping stone to succeeding in the market.

A company story may be highlighted under the following headings: About Us, Our Mission, and Our Vision. New companies should captivate and solve the problems of a target group.

2. Communicate in an Authentic and Humane Voice

Trust is laced in the company’s voice. How polished, authoritative, conversational, or humane a brand’s voice is can determine how much trust customers have in a company.

Businesses’ messages should be conversational to reflect the intention of the people behind the brand. Holistic and hyper-polished language is sometimes necessary but doesn’t reflect friend-like or real-life interactions. Authentic conversations are what bond brands with their target audience.

3. Treat Your First Client Like a King

Your first client is the harbinger of either good or bad reviews. A company’s reviews depend on how well its customers are treated. Treat every client as king by setting the bar high, going above and beyond, and portraying that your company will do what is required to keep them satisfied.

If a solid foundation of connection is created with clients, businesses will begin to operate on a platform of referrals.

4. Develop Friendship

As a new company, building brand trust is similar to starting a new friendship. You give your friend (new customers) what is required by investing heavily in what’s important to them. Awareness of the impact of all interactions with a business clientele establishes trust and creates a template for subsequent interactions.

5. Provide Excellent Customer Service

Enhancing a new company’s reputation is catalyzed when care, dependability, honesty, and giving are incorporated. Providing customers with excellent customer service is a great way to show your business cares.

Incorporating 24/7 customer service that attends to their needs day and night can give companies an edge.

6. Request and Value Feedback

Soliciting feedback from your business audiences is essential and tangible for every company. Such feedback is requested or collated by creating a quick survey, online review manager, polls, or using social media. When most businesses engage in online surveys and get positive reviews, they gain insights that play an essential role in identifying customer buying decisions.

7. Create a Unique Experience

This is a paradigm shift from the conventional method of branding. Businesses and marketers no longer create brands out of the blue; brands are now built with people-centric notions. Creating unique experiences through authentic events and promotions sets many established firms apart.

8. Deliver Superior Service

Brands that deliver excellent services gain their customer’s trust rapidly. Considering shipping services for qualifying orders, discounts for customer loyalty, offering self-service and automated support, and promising money-back guarantee builds brand trust.

9. Introduce Your Product or Service to the Market Through Influencers

Celebrities, social media influencers, and industry experts are effective human resources for creating a visual representation of your brand. Using them to make a grand opening of a new company product in a crowded market is an excellent idea.

Celebrities and influencers are already famous and have huge social media followings. Hence, their new product and service recommendations will likely enhance customer responsiveness.

10. Show Yourself

Hiding behind the scenes can impact brands negatively. Why? Because customers love transacting with people they can see. New companies must be courageous enough to appear on their websites, social media, and other business platforms.

Photos and videos of staff doing what they love on your website show customers that they are not dealing with a faceless company.


Building a respectable brand in the market as a new company requires much diligence from all members on board. Begin by giving your customers reasons to be emotionally attached to your brand through product story and diligently apply the other tips outlined in this article.

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