The Apps You Should Get if You Want to Be Better at Managing Your Business

Business Apps

Technology continues to advance aggressively, and its new developments often have implications for our everyday lives. Such terms as chatbots and artificial intelligence have entered our vocabularies, alongside two-factor authentication and Captchas.

Businesses have also been influenced by modern technology. More and more companies have gone paperless and moved their data to the cloud. There are now work management systems and a host of different software packages available. Businesses can harness applications that synchronize with all their devices, including their smartphones. This article discusses some of the most suitable apps for managers.


This is a popular CRM (Customer Relationship Management system), providing a connection between a business and its customers. Companies can receive help with identifying the needs of their clients and be able to reply more quickly.

Salesforce is a powerful system, and its functionality can be maximized by the purchase of add-ons. Someone conducting research might find these Salesforce extensions: Cirrus Insight, DocuSign, and Formstack helpful. Before companies commit to buying such products, they often look online for reviews. This is wise, considering there are literally thousands of additional apps to choose from.

Zoom And Fuse

Zoom is video conferencing software, similar to Facetime, Microsoft Rooms, Skype, and Google Hangouts. Managers will find it particularly suitable for conducting virtual meetings – either with one other person or a group. It can be used from any device, be it a smartphone, computer, laptop, or tablet. During team meetings, it is possible to send different people to virtual meeting rooms. They can discuss things together before returning to the main group.

If you are making a presentation or conducting training, you can turn everyone else’s microphone off. You can also use ‘screen view,’ where the participants will be able to see your computer. The meetings can also be recorded for the benefit of absentees, or for future reference.

Fuze is another communications app. It caters to online messaging and voice calls. People can use it for video conferencing – either individually or as part of a group chat.


This is like a business equivalent of Facebook. Whilst it comes under the umbrella of social media, it is actually the world’s largest professional network. There are a number of different functions businesses can access, and people who pay for prime membership can use them all.

Companies frequently use LinkedIn to connect with their customers and to create networks with other business people. Employers can update their profiles to display their qualifications, experience, and skills.


This powerful application enables people to communicate using different channels. Voice or video calls can be scheduled this way.

People can be messaged privately, or a communication group could be created for a whole team or members of a specific project.

Project Software

Project Software

A manager who wished to be at the helm of a project could use Teamwork. In addition to being a management tool, it can also provide chat and helpdesk functionality. Asana is another piece of relevant software. It can be used for setting tasks and checking deadlines. Managers often use the app to monitor their teams’ progress.

MeisterTask is a software app designed to help people produce project boards. They can be custom-designed for your specific uses.

Word Processing Apps

Zoho Workplace is an office suite that connects word processing with email.

Evernote is widely known as an equivalent to Microsoft Word. It has additional functions such as spelling and grammar checking. Evernote Business can be used for project work as well as for word processing. It is cloud-based and can be synchronized with other devices.

This app also offers file sharing and workflow management. Its connectivity is a plus because such applications as Google Drive, Outlook, and Slack can be linked to it.

Time Management Apps

Calendly is a useful application for managers who need to book external meetings and visits. It can identify a person’s free time by accessing their online calendar and issuing a list of possible time slots to a client. As each new booking is added, all the managers’ calendars will be updated.

Hubstaff is a great piece of time tracking software. It enables managers to regularly check on their employees, including those who are field staff. It can work on smartphones, computers, or the web.

In addition to this selection, there are other apps designed for such purposes as signing documents electronically or storing passwords. When a manager acquires a quality collection of software, they will be in a good position to tackle their daily tasks. When apps simplify a process, they also help save valuable time.

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